"Don't go wearing that thing! You're pushing your atheism in other people's faces."

More drama from my theist fam on Saturday night. I was wearing an American Atheists pendant which I thought was harmless and [from personal experience] I had noticed that no theists I had met had recognized the meaning of it. However, my mom and dad were telling me not to wear it because "they were concerned about my safety." My dad said something to the point of "you never know when you'll advertise your atheism like that to the wrong person," and "the last thing I want to hear is that you've been sent to the hospital, or you're dead, and I'll know why!" - Given the fact that I never wear any atheist material that has any words, even the word "atheist" on it outside the house, because I know that it pisses people in this conservative town off, I was stunned by that statement. The pendant itself was EXTREMELY discrete. I tried to tell them that it never had attracted any negative attention from theists, who almost never know what it means. In fact, pretty much the only people who DO know what it means ARE ATHEISTS!
For anyone doubting me on how discrete it was, this is what it looked like:

Okay... so any disagreement? I would really like to know.

Secondly, my father told me he didn't want me to be an activist. I told him that it is my need and my duty to stick up for my civil rights.

He responded that he didn't want me to get hurt. And that I wouldn't be able to make any friends. [I don't reveal my atheism off the internet to people I don't know well enough to know if I can trust them with the info]. So I was just rolling my eyes.
I am grateful that they love me enough to care about my safety.
However, does anyone else think they're going overboard?

This particular incident didn't make me angry, it just made me question whether I SHOULD be activist and to feel a little afraid of being so. After all, although I discourage "Emotional reasoning" [saying something's true because it feels good], I couldn't help doubting what I thought was my duty due to my natural animal fear of pain or death.

So, any thoughts... what should I do?

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Yeah... the fear wasn't well founded.
However, the fear that my dad managed to establish in me was flimsy enough that it only made me doubt for about an hour or two.

Then I decided that if the worst were to happen...
"There are some things worth dying for." - Detective Ward from Mississippi Burning.
You can buy one here.
Thanks Dave! ^_^
You must be a member too?
I have a pendant just like yours. :)
I'm sure Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s family would love for him never to have been an activist, but he felt the need to challenge the status quo, and look how much we've gained from it. Imagine how much we would be suffering if he had never followed his heart.

Sure, activism can be dangerous, but without it our world would be far more dangerous for the minorities.

Your parents are still in the "exaggerate the danger to get her to really think it through" phase of allowing their child to become an adult. They'll learn.
So your father admits that Christians are aggressive and violent. And he would prefer you were a part of that?

I'm white and I say it often. Am I an pro white or anti anything else activist? I'm generally liberal, but I've never been to a rally. Am I an activist? It's quite the logical leap to go from stating who you are without apology to being an activist. There might even be a intermediary step in there.

I feel more and more that I don't advertise who I am enough. I will order a scarlet letter A shirt tonight. Thank your father for the inspiration and hopefully I'll meet some of these aggressive Christians. Sounds like a good time!
I have a teeshirt with the word ' Godless; on it so pendant sounds pretty cool to me. I always get very angry when I see a sign on the cross that they should believe they are right under any circumstances of the cruelty in this World,., it offends me but I think the person can wear what they like and should give me back the same consideration. Somehow in England it is ok as we do not take religion so seriously as in the US.
One of my sweatshirts has the words :Think for yourself' So that may be the answer.
By the way where can I get the pendant?
Families should try to stick together but not to live their lives for them. I understand they may be concerned for their welfare but this in a world of free speech should not even be a concern that someone could get harmed because of their views.

You can get the pendant here...

American Atheists Pendant


It's the official symbol of the American Atheists Organization. [You know... the one created by Madalyn O'hair]

Now where would you go to find a necklace like that? I've gotta get me one.

You can get one here:

American Atheist Pendant


It's the official symbol of the American Atheists Organization.

I say wear it, and be an activist if you want to! Why should christians be the only ones allowed to express themselves? I don't throw a hissy fit every time I see someone wearing a cross.
They aren't going overboard, because being Christians themselves, they know:
Christians are violent, irrational, and unstable.

I once walked around Boston for a day wearing a t-shirt from the band Negativland which bore only the slogan "Christianity Is Stupid". That drew an awful lot of sour looks and comments. Only then did I reconsidered whether the shirt was really the best choice for that day.


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