Somewhere on this great site I once read that the bible states that Christians should not preach to non-beleivers as this was up to god and only god.  To do so was a sin that would never be forgiven.


Can someone please show me this source?  Or have I got this wrong?

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Thanks Nelson!

It would be less than honest to take the authors original intent of that particular passage to read do not preach to people.  The passage you are seeking does not exist.  I have a B.A. in Biblical Studies.  I know that book in and out.

The closest passage you will find is not about preaching, but rather about taking measures of judgment against non-believers.  Paul states in 1 Cor 5 that Christians must judge fellow Christians harshly but may not judge non-Christians regarding sexual immorality or any other sin because God judges those outside, therefore Christians have no business doing it.  This is a better argument against the opposition to gay and lesbian equality btw.

That's the passage I was thinking of although I got it wrong.  Thanks for this!  Yes it is a good argument against opposition to LBGT.

Pigs and Dogs--nice.  Man, the catholicism I grew up with was really watered down.  I just didn't have that amount of disdain for the nonbeliever. 

I heard a song by Shakira that says that.. Now I know where she got it from :-)

"Cast thee not pearls before swine."

After a little discussion with a xian tonight, this is exactly what I wanted too, Stevie. It's something like the verse To keep your faith quiet and private, do not shout etc etc

And of course there is a contradictory one which something like "Go forth and tell everyone". I have been trying to think what they both are, but can't find them. Help!!

No David, it not as a dog returns etc. and no Nelson it is not do not give dogs etc. Ah, men.

I like how the "truthful" work of fiction says not to call someone a fool, and then turns around and calls someone a fool...


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