Are Christians trying to take over the world?

The concept of dominionism is to say that they believe they have a God given right to rule all earthly institutions.

Personally I read this article and immediately thought it is bunk. I've heard many interviews from both Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry and they are both just fundamentalist Christians. There's nothing that stands out to me in the way they talk or the things they say that is any different than any other Christian politician. Is dominionism real? Or is it just another coined phrase to justify fighting against the evils that religion creates in this world? We don't need another ism to justify that.  

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I hear you roar, Gatita --

@ Belle

You go girl. :)

And more power to you for it, Belle!

@Bella Rose;

"@Greg Thomas: How many kids have you been willing to take in under your roof?"

Answer:  One, his name was Terry.

Your turn Bella, how many for you?

I doubt anyone is 100% good or 100% bad.  It sounds like you found the 'good' in Bachmann, and used that for inspiration.  That doesn't make you responsible for her less savoury aspects.  You just found the good in her and made it something you could work towards.  I see nothing inappropriate in that.  It's commendable.

Well put as usual Strega.

@Bella Rose;

"I'm working towards my first foster child as we speak."

Good luck, I hope you are ready for what's coming.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I give the American Foster Care System a 1 (it only deserves a .5).

A secular country (especially one with an establishment clause) shouldn't be paying temporary parents to brainwash children (desperately in need of psychological relief) with religious ideological BullShit.

The only agenda a foster parent should have is to help that child placed in their care, any other personal agenda is abuse.

Helping a foster child is much harder then raising your own child, a foster child requires much more love and tolerance, be ready to give more of yourself then you think you have to give.

And, at least in the beginning, they're likely to be really short on trust.

With good reason.

I agree, Greg - I'm just trying to prepare her for what she can expect. I happen to like Pollyanna here, and wouldn't want her to go into this with her eyes closed. Nothing worse (for a child) than to take the child in, decide you can't handle the additional responsibility, and send it back.

I'm a bit late on this thread, I tend to be busy on weekends.

That's 23 less girls leave the foster care system without a loving family.

That's 23 more girls that will be raised to hate their reproductive system, to be homophobic, xenophobic, conservative, anti-science, repressed, and terrified of the imaginary hell they will be tormented with while growing up. 23 kids that will marry a good Christian boy and be good submissive wives. 23 kids that will become baby factories for the Evangelical Christian "Army". 23 girls that will grow up to hate, and call it love.

I would rather see 23 of them back in the foster care system than with a "loving" family that thinks it's not their problem that gay students commit suicide at a fantastic rate in the state their loving mother runs.


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