Are Christians trying to take over the world?

The concept of dominionism is to say that they believe they have a God given right to rule all earthly institutions.

Personally I read this article and immediately thought it is bunk. I've heard many interviews from both Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry and they are both just fundamentalist Christians. There's nothing that stands out to me in the way they talk or the things they say that is any different than any other Christian politician. Is dominionism real? Or is it just another coined phrase to justify fighting against the evils that religion creates in this world? We don't need another ism to justify that.  

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It is now clear I won't be able to renew my 'Murakin Card this year. I though hooey was bull hockey. Fooey!

I'm sensing there's a poem in there somewhere - "hooey," "fooey,"? Where is Ogden Nash when you need him? Oh, that's right - dead.

Hey, I am a card-carrying Murican and I'm not sure mine will be renewed either.  I must have missed something somewhere.

Yes, well, crossing the "pond" can have that effect on a person.

I read a book about that, once.

I crest my race --

@Belle Rose;

" TELL me that's not inspiring."

OK, that is NOT inspiring.  That's 23 more innocent minds fucked up with lies and unadulterated BullShit.

I tried getting 23 teenage girls to come live with me, but they all politely declined. Well, to be entirely honest, some were not all that polite, I mean, what with throwing around phrases like, "dirty old man." and such --

Belle, what happened to, "Oh how fooled I have been!"? Your thermometer keeps bouncing all over the place! I still recall your pre-atheist "Jessica" days, same story - one day you were a Christian, the next an agnostic, and the one after that, a Christian again - did that qualify you as a re-born born-again?

I didn't say you weren't, Belle, only that you have a tendency to vacillate and give up long-held beliefs slowly and grudgingly, and although I know you would argue with a fencepost, I believe that even you would have to agree with that assessment.

^^ lack of practice, Arch.  She's getting there, its a delight to watch.

Yeah, you're right - they grow up SO fast, right before your eyes, don't they?


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