Are Christians trying to take over the world?

The concept of dominionism is to say that they believe they have a God given right to rule all earthly institutions.

Personally I read this article and immediately thought it is bunk. I've heard many interviews from both Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry and they are both just fundamentalist Christians. There's nothing that stands out to me in the way they talk or the things they say that is any different than any other Christian politician. Is dominionism real? Or is it just another coined phrase to justify fighting against the evils that religion creates in this world? We don't need another ism to justify that.  

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I'm sorry you've seen the dark side of someone who inspired you so. There are probably lots of good people out there who care for these children like you do and live genuine, decent lives with upstanding values (well, ok, not tons of people, obviously...but there are good people out there doing great things). Gah!I just don't want you to become too disheartened! IMHO, there are very few politicians worth is just the nature of their profession. I tread carefully if there is something I see in a politician that I like because there's always more 'spin' to unravel.

Belle, I, for one, never said she was all bad, just that she advocated Dominionism. Thomas Jefferson is one of my own heroes, yet I've devoted much of my life to the advocation of civil rights for all races, and Jefferson had a running sexual relationship with one of his female slaves for years. None of our heroes is all good, or all bad.

Of course I deplore her indoctrinating young girls, but she was so heavily invested in her delusion that she truly believed she was helping them. Unfortunately, there have also been delusional women who kill their children, to send them straight to heaven to be with god.

Regardless of her "selfless" intentions, I can't condone her behavior.

What archaeopteryx said. 

Dominionism is foremost a political ideology that binds its adherents through strong negative emotions (fear, hate.anger, disgust ) through the use of rationalizations supported by Biblical passages.

   This works because the followers have never read the bible as a work of literature. They can easily be coached to accept disjointed snippets, taken out of context, as justification  for what ever political agenda the leaders want.

 It gets really scary, when one of the  deluded followers gets into public office. Take the example of Rick Perry, who, while Texas burned from numerous wildfires, cut funding from the state forestry service ( the staet agency that fights wildfires) while telling Texans to pray for rain.

Actually, there is a sect who believes that they should take over government, education, art, media, etc. Look on the Americans United for Separation of Church and State site. Look up Gary North. He is the son-in-law of a man named Rushdoony. Ron Paul picked North to develop home school curriculum. Execution by stoning, exection for being gay, for blasphemy, for witches and other fun stuff. There is also a doctrine I believe is called the seven mountains philosophy which explains how to take over each aspect of government and society. The current groups of the Crazy Crackers and Cretins for Christ used Rushdoony's ideas to create their takeover as the religious right. Oh and Gary North is not by any standards an educator.


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