Strange event at the Dome of the Rock  (Jersusalem) recorded from various distances.

 What could it be?  Do events like this fuel religious mysticism?" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

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Another very mundane explanation that must be rule out. Recently a television station recorded a UFO event that made headlines, but was simply as you say, a massive transformer event lighting the night sky. Another suspicious quality is the lack of repetition  moving into the future, This quality is associated with natural and man made events..

The first video I'd suspect as a fake. The lights are never seen in the same frame as any structure, so it'd be very easy to edit something into the video that wasn't really there.

The second video (if there are supposed to be 3 here) didn't get embedded properly.

The last video I also suspect to be faked. The light never overlaps or crosses over any other light or structure in the video. Also, when it speeds away, you can see it in 3 distinct places when it starts, like someone edited it in and didn't animate it properly.

This is certainly one hypothesis for the mutliple camera angles, i.e., many in collosion.

Real or fake, "there's a light in the sky I can't explain, so it has to be an alien spacecraft!" because it couldn't possibly be something earthly and mundane like Venus or a reflection in the optics of your camera or any of the other more likely possibilites....

All natural phenomena must be ruled out even plate  tectonic activities. I understand that there is a fault run through the Mount of Olives.

Knowing these people, it could have been a pidgeon with its tail on fire! Or a flare gun! Or a local science club launching rockets! I expect anything that looks remotely weird there, can become a religious incident!

I am sure that all three relligions at the site are looking for a link or a sign.

If it is a religious event, humoring the notion, one would expect a message.

Non of the major three faiths have link it to any thing to my knowledge.

The most obvious possibility is fireworks. The event seems "roman candle-ish".

I was in Jerusalem on May 12, the anniversary of the state of Israel. I was awaken to the

roar  of ordinates exploding.


 I 100% believe there's life on other planets, but I don't believe for a second that they would visit earth. 

SETI, despite one significant recording several decades has come up with nothing.

However radio signals may not be the only mode of communication. I would favor quantum entanglement this would lead to faster than light communication and seems more practical given the unfathomable distances. However at present, even with spooky action at a distance faster than light communication stills appear to be a violation of quantum mechanical principles

Entanglement is very interesting, but so far, as I understand it, it is more observed than controlled or harnessed. And we might not want to harness it given time travel paradoxes like the grandfather paradox (what would happen if you went into the past and murdered your grandfather?).

I agree that there is almost certainly other life in the Universe, and it might have visited/be visiting Earth, but there isn't a shred of physical evidence other than questionable eyewitness accounts, claims of massive conspiracy/coverup and, worse, as far as the UFO fans are concerned, proven fraudulent "evidence".  Heresay & outright fraud is all they can come up with.  I'll also be really surprised if life from Zeta Reticuli or wherever looks like humans and runs on DNA.  My favorite Star Trek alien was the Horta - while it looked like a guy in a Horta suit, at least it didn't have 2 eyes, 2 arms, 2 legs, etc.  Will we even recognize alien life when we find it?

There are many more. Just search 'ufo dome of the rock hoax'


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