Strange event at the Dome of the Rock  (Jersusalem) recorded from various distances.

 What could it be?  Do events like this fuel religious mysticism?" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

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Certainly good reasons to believe that it is fake. But we are still waiting for the smoking gun that shows that it is fake. The fact that none of the videographers have come forward and there are no collaborating cell phone takes, certainly renders it into the extremely questionable basket.



Dear Folks:

I think we are overly entangled with theists, but this can be a good thing. A visualization: imagine your favorite theist, basking in their self serving self-referencing validity. Come on, its not That hard!

They are talking with you, and you are losing, mostly because you are sleepy and need a nap. They keep drouning on and on and on about some esoteric biblical passage, Latin and Greek translations, qoutes from Santorum, their rights to free speech, yada yada...da!

You wake up, refreshed, having had a wonderful dream about your favorite theist, with an apple in their mouth, and they are quiet.

You look around, they are no where to be seen. They have left you a full case of hand bills, their title, 'You have been to hell, now what?' You see, its not about you, its about them! They are affraid that they are full of crap, and you noticed by falling a sleep. You have been way to kind by sticking around to hear them out. Stop feeding their wolf!   

It would be fantastic though if it were proven to be an actual UFO, that would make theists of the world really question their entire belief system. 

Ripping the hearts out of paradigms, you are speaking my language.

It already IS a UFO, isn't it? Or has the flying object been identified?

I am waiting for a bonafide scientific explanation. but the gut feel is that it is fake;

Of course a gut feel means nothinig.


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