Doing our job better

    When it comes to debates


 Hello my friends on T|A :)

I believe that there is always a positive side of the different views of people when it comes to discussions.

I guess that everyone of us has that passion of debate.

But the key is, how to do our job better in this process?

When we see these fallacies of theism... you feel like, yes I wanna debate them right now.. 

But the important thing in this process is not to focus simply on their erroneous belief, but instead upon focus on what brought them to that belief.

and then go ahead and work on the methodology which relies more upon reason, and logic.

Set your points that are based on your knowledge.. try not to discuss a thing that you feel you are not knowledgeable enogh about it.


Some of us are biologists,  mathematicians..etc.. 

My point of view here is those mathematicians atheists can do their job better and convert people to atheism by using and explaining the Occam's razor.


Psychologists can convert spiritual people to atheism by using nlp?


Humanists did a good job by having the “Humanist Ten Commandments “.


How can anyone of us do his/her job better? do you think he or she should be professional in a kind of knowledge field?

I think it is very interesting to discuss this.

What do you think? I’m so excited to hear your opinion.


thank you ツ..


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I believe implies faith.

There are other ways of saying that you know something besides "I believe".  The trouble with saying things like "I believe" is that then you have to waste your time on a tangential discussion of whether or not atheists have faith.  It fuels the religionists' deliberate attempts to obfuscate the issues.  I make a habit of telling people that I have concluded there is no god--just like I conclude that 2 + 2 = 4.


I do this to make clear that I have followed a rigorous process of thought that doesn't involve my "feelings" regarding the matter.

In respect to debates with theists here on TA, it is very tempting to put in my own two cents. However, after watching it playout recently, I do see the value of leaving it to a smaller group of more experienced, knowledgable, and specialized individuals. 
Also be prepared for some defensive and downright childish behaviors from the religious as well. For example, a few years back humanists here did a debate with a local church group and they were always being interupted, cut short of their time and at the end they stood up and said "We proved today the God exists". If you do debate make sure whoever is running it is going to do so properly and impartially or may see just how immature a religious person can be.
You know, I don't think you have to convince people of anything.   You just have to get it out there.  Those who think critically will find the answers for themselves.   Those who have their heels dug in, will remain that way.
Discussion on how to debate a theist? Looks like the cats are starting to herd themselves.
As someone else said, they have to convince themselves.  All you can do is point them toward the right path.  Don't ever expect to win.  Learn their thought processes and arguments well enough that you recognize them--even when phrased in a new way--and have some ready responses that get right to the core of why their arguments are wrong.  Your responses should be quick and on the mark.  Throw out your response to some of their most basic ideas (which are also their most basic errors).  Then walk away.  Don't let them get going.  Remember that if you actually corner them with logic, their humiliation will make them dangerous.  Let your points fester in their minds until the logic becomes "their" idea.  Only then can they accept it.

Remember that if you actually corner them with logic, their humiliation will make them dangerous. 

Yep... agreed.

But it is so easy and so fun! The fact is that it's actually fun to expose theists for the fools they are. It is fun in the short term, but it does not serve us in the long term. I know I've been guilty of it myself and I probably will do it again from time to time. It's a lack of self discipline I suppose, going for the immediate gratification. It's definitely something we should all recognize and guard against. It's also a hard habit to break.
yeah sometimes you hear claims that you just can't wait to ridicule, but we have to think about the long road and try to do the best to at least make them think, but hey no one is perfect I think we can get away with one or two if the case is terminal lol.

Looks really cool. Thanks for sharing Doone.

Sometimes simply asking questions is a good way to expose uncritical beliefs as being hallow and absurd.  The best part about it is they help you with the exposure.


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