Doing our job better

    When it comes to debates


 Hello my friends on T|A :)

I believe that there is always a positive side of the different views of people when it comes to discussions.

I guess that everyone of us has that passion of debate.

But the key is, how to do our job better in this process?

When we see these fallacies of theism... you feel like, yes I wanna debate them right now.. 

But the important thing in this process is not to focus simply on their erroneous belief, but instead upon focus on what brought them to that belief.

and then go ahead and work on the methodology which relies more upon reason, and logic.

Set your points that are based on your knowledge.. try not to discuss a thing that you feel you are not knowledgeable enogh about it.


Some of us are biologists,  mathematicians..etc.. 

My point of view here is those mathematicians atheists can do their job better and convert people to atheism by using and explaining the Occam's razor.


Psychologists can convert spiritual people to atheism by using nlp?


Humanists did a good job by having the “Humanist Ten Commandments “.


How can anyone of us do his/her job better? do you think he or she should be professional in a kind of knowledge field?

I think it is very interesting to discuss this.

What do you think? I’m so excited to hear your opinion.


thank you ツ..


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Sharing our free critical thoughts and science is always hlepful,, am I right?

I think people have the right to live on their own life on the way they want to.

But when it comes to debate,

I always like the idea of using "nlp" to convert spiritual people to atheism.


Why nlp is an excellent replacement of the prayer?.. 

because you can use the power of your mind to achieve your goals and design the future you want.


Mind Power Subconscious > wonderful!

The basic principle is that whatever your mind can imagine... it can create. How does your mind do this? What your mind thinks, sees, believes, feels is all sent to your subconscious mind -- it's great partner, the real power within you. Your Subconscious Mind then works with the universe and creates your reality based on the messages that began in your mind. But its not enough to simply imagine it and then hope it happens. That's not the way it works. If you can imagine it you can achieve it -- but you need to know how to use the power of your mind and subconscious mind. Even Napoleon Hill tells you this in every one of his books. But he doesn't tell you how to use all your powers.
 --> read more


Sounds like woo woo to me.

There is always something mysterious and interesting about the human mind.

It really is great advice. It is why, in debates, I steer clear of getting bogged down in explaining scientific jargon. I was a humanities student, while I understand concepts like the theory of evolution, I simply cannot do it justice while trying to explain it to someone who doesn't. My time is better spent tackling their claims at the rhetorical level.
yeah, but is great also if you don't know the subject, to point out that the information is available and maybe motivate them to do the research on their own.

I read the e-book WHY WONT GOD HEAL AMPUTEES, and after that i formulated kind of like a recipe to go by in debates.

He explains prayer, god's "plan", the contradictions between prayer and scripture and so forth.

It is a quite interesting argument.  By following his line of reasoning, you actually back a religious person into a corner.  Of course, it doesnt always work, you get those stubborn ones that just wont convert, but at least ive given them something to think about

Don't be arogant about your superior knowledge of logic and so on, and don't be aggressive because that's what they do.

If you get sidetracked, get back to the main theme of the debate. - this works for any debate.

Talk about things you know best and keep it simple, to the point. It's like telling a good lie, keep it simple and repeat it enough times and eventually they will believe it. Of course, atheism is not a lie, but the same principles apply because they believe it's a lie ;)

And, very important, be polite, if they don't want to talk about it, don't push it, just back of and say: another day then? You can loose friends on this one.

Also very important, practice! Because you can get caught in your own logic loops, and you don't want that. Debating needs skill so as any skill it need order, practice and discipline.

Avoid talking about moral because it's to overcompassing theme for a simple debate. And to much to go over.

And always say 'I think' or 'In my opinion' instead of 'I believe' or 'the fact is' or 'the truth is', because you never know... Also avoid and spot in their words the 'weasel words' like 'many believe' or 'Some argue' because they mean nothing, they practically nullify everything that goes after.


Wonderful tips Gregor!

I like this tip,

 "And always say 'I think' or 'In my opinion' instead of 'I believe' or 'the fact is' or 'the truth is', because you never know... Also avoid and spot in their words the 'weasel words' like 'many believe' or 'Some argue' because they mean nothing, they practically nullify everything that goes after".


Thank you.

You're welcome :D

When you grow up in a country full of political and religious extremist, but very intelligent people open to discussion, you learn to debate everything from going to the store to buy milk to meaning of life.

When referencing facts that I am not 100% certain of, I say 'as I recall' or 'if I recall correctly'. This is assuming I am not in a position the verify my facts before responding, such as in a face-to-face meeting rather than responding to a forum post.

When it is a fact that I am 100% certain of, such as that the Earth goes around the sun or that the width of the Milky Way is about 100,000 light years across, I will state them as facts, not opinions.


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