Serial killer and white supremacist Joseph Paul Franklin was executed yesterday for murdering 22 people, including children, blacks, women, and interracial couples. He also shot Larry Flynt and civil rights leader Vernon Jordon Jr. His reason: he was doing God's will.

Before his execution, he said he was sorry, in the wrong, but not afraid to die. Care to guess the head-slapping reason why not?


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Ah welcome to the phenomenon of people interpreting what you say according to their narrative. 

Remember that to them, atheists are people who are mad at god, not actually non-believers.  Because after all, how would we deny the "obvious" out of anything other than a fit of adolescent "waaah, god won't let me fuck prostitutes/gigolos indiscriminately" pique?  In other words, to them, we are atheists ONLY because we don't want it to be true!

So since you say that you want it to be true, it must be the case that you're NOT mad at god.  Wow, that's close to where they are at; you just have to be nudged a bit.

They must really find you frustrating.


I am sure they do find me frustrating.  I will go right to the edge with them, in order to try to help them see where I am at, but I will not go over that edge. 

Well I haven't yet, anyway, as I've been told many times.  What I absolutely do not get is that I can tell them what I've been through and why I don't believe and they will still go on with their rhetoric just as if I had said nothing.  this is not true of all evangelical Christians, but I have experienced it many times. 


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