Serial killer and white supremacist Joseph Paul Franklin was executed yesterday for murdering 22 people, including children, blacks, women, and interracial couples. He also shot Larry Flynt and civil rights leader Vernon Jordon Jr. His reason: he was doing God's will.

Before his execution, he said he was sorry, in the wrong, but not afraid to die. Care to guess the head-slapping reason why not?


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was he going to heaven?

I'm pretty sure religion / God was created for / by people like this.

People will say of this man, "Clearly he was insane."

Meanwhile, George Bush, on several occasions has said that Jeebus told him to go to war with Iraq.  We heard not ONE PEEP from ANY religious leader condemning him for this statement.  No one called him insane for starting a war, based on lies, that killed well over a couple of hundred thousand people, many of them women and children.  Where was their PRO-LIFE stance then?

And to any of you religious whacknuts out there - how does one tell the difference between this serial killer who said "God told me to" and Bush, who said "God told me to"?  It's a fair question - now let's hear your vapid, rationalizing, uh, I mean answers.

As a president (in all his glory) what would it take to cause enough public outrage for something to be done about it, seems he can do almost anything without someone stopping him (except sleeping with another woman perhaps, the so-called morally among most people is disturbingly screwed up).

Obama is trying to secure a deal with Karzi and his Afghanistan tribal rulers to keep our troops there through 2024!!!!!  

That created some outrage in me.....

There is evidence that both the 2000 AND 2004 elections were tampered with, The multiple 3 month vacations, the obvious conflicts of interest with Halliburton, the miserable handling of Katrina, and two separate wars, all from the same administration, but Clinton got a blow job and Obama's a Muslim so they're the bad guys. Were I older than I am now, I surely would have heart problems. Thinking about it sometimes gives me heartburn.

Thumbs up on this.  Right on the money.

This is another reason I can't buy religion. Religious people have told me that people so obviously evil will get to heaven by simply accepting god, even if it's only moments before they die. If we accept this premise, no one would go to hell as long as they confess their sins and accept jesus, right? If there were a hell, this person would obviously be first in line to go there. 

I completely agree.  If atheists, no matter what kind of lives we've led, are am doomed to Hell, or as some of them say now, eternal separation from God, but this monster gets to go to Heaven, they can keep their screwed-up religion.

This sort of shit is why I tell people that I don't even want it to be true.  I've run into the occasional atheist who tells me they wish they could believe.  I've never understood why.

I don't understand why they would want that either. Why believe? IMO, why bother with religion in the first place? Fortunately I didn't have it forced down my throat like so many other people but I heard that scare tactic that what if it's true? A lingering doubt. Then I watched Carl Sagan's Cosmos series back when it came out and listened to what he had to say about god and us and that pushed me over the edge of doubt. Never had an issue after that. Also fortunately I have been rarely challenged on the issue. Again, why bother believing it at all and waste my time, I have better things to do with my time and money.

I have been known to say I wish I could believe at times.  Those times have been when life has been so difficult that escaping into fantasy land would be welcome relief from dealing with whatever hideous thing was going on. 

I think it must be comforting to believe in an all-powerful sky-daddy who would take care of everything.

In the end I do not believe so it doesn't matter. When I have said that I wish I could believe to some Christians, I think they thought I really did want to believe, and that they had somehow made progress.  The irony of it all is that they think I am stubbornly refusing to believe.  One would think that by explaining that I don't believe even though at times nobody would have faulted me for seeking that comfort (however false), they would understand that I can't believe.


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