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Blaming Religion for the Evils of the World is Like Blaming Science for Pollution, Nuclear Fallout and Global Warming

By M. Wizard

Swami Vivekananda once said that if one looks closely at history, one will find that all of the horrors generally attributed to religion were really political in nature. Yet, it's interesting that we never hear politics being excoriated for the world's ills as we often do religion.

The primary message of all of the world's major religions (and most of the minor ones) is love, faith, charity and non-violence. Leo Tolstoy spent most of his later years preaching and attempting to live by Christ's teaching which he thought was central to his life and mission: "Resist not evil":

If certain (many in fact) individuals have twisted the teachings of the great religions for the sake of money and power, whose fault is that? To blame this on "Religion" is no different from blaming the evils and nightmares which are the by product of modern technology on "Science". The fact of the matter is: all of the great evil ever done in the world can be traced to individuals either ignoring or outright mocking values which are at the heart of religion, i.e. ethics and morality.

In addition, Noam Chomsky has pointed out that all of our great social movements from the abolition of slavery, to women's suffrage, to the Civil Rights Act have had their origin, and primary support, in the country's churches and synogogues.

While it's easy to look ar historical events superficially and blame the Inquisition or the Holocaust, for example- ad infinitum - on religion, this is generally done by people who either never felt the need to live a religious life, or simply felt that they lacked the character to do so.

But to blame the religion of Rama, Krishna, Plato, Jesus, Newton, J.S. Bach, Tolstoy, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr... is a downright sin.

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Is it God's Image (Reflection) in Man, or Man's image (reflection) in god ?

Neil, may I warn you to be very sure of your "facts" relating to Hitler & Christianity - or else I might get a final written warning from Adriana !


George Bell was the Bishop of Chichester during WW2 (a cathedral city very near where I live), and he was a friend of Dietrich Bonhoeffer (who was killed by the Nazis) :


There was nothing - absolutely nothing - Christian about Hitler or his Nazism. To think otherwise is to be dangerously blind to realities.


If you don't believe in evil, open your eyes to what happened in Europe in WW2 - throwing a baby up in the air, and bayoneting it in front of its mother & other villagers - and laughing at the same time.


And that's only what was seen in public.


So please be very careful here. 

I think you have your eyes wide shut Neil - and have a serious misunderstanding about what a Christian is, and what Christianity is about.


To put this in simple words that even you might understand - a Christian is a follower of Christ, and Christianity is the religion which upholds the principles of Christ's teaching.


Hitler & his Nazi henchman were evil - and one way that evil manifested itself was through the manipulation of the minds of a proud people, which included its Church - primarily through the control weapon of propaganda & fear.


Let's make things more up to date for you ; Bush & Blair profess themselves Christians. No more said.

As I said, eyes wide shut.


How convenient.

Human beings are killers, everyone of us. I'm not
playing nice anymore.
Methinks the 'pot's calling the kettle black', Neal. Play the ball, not the bitch...and then read Matthew 7 v 5 (if you can).
Looking in the mirror again, Neal ?

Neal! Richard!

Time out from each other.

I'm not going to boot you both entirely out of the discussion, but I am going to give you both a warning.

No more communication with each other for 24 hours.


Both of you get your head on straight. 

Debate the issue, not the person.....

and if you can't do that, then bow out until you can. 

24 hours better pass before I see either of you reply to the other. 


One would have to do a balancing act as to which one has done the most harm. I say religion. For 2ooo yrs religion has been harming people in one way or another and has done its best to shut science up, And hinder logic and learning at every turn. Do you know any religion that has produced all the advances in medicine and all our advances through the years. I don't need to list here all the damage religion has done in many many peoples lives. I often wonder where our world would be if religion had done all they could to retard progress, We might have a Utopian world now.

For nearly 1800 of those 2000, science was inseparable from religion.

Without religion we'd have a smaller population (me likey), what with the millions and millions of abortions blocked through the years.


Such statements as 'religion has done only harm' are counterproductive to any conversation. Religion is the tool of patriarchy to manipulate people and resources without the ability to defend themselves.


I am possibly more anti-religious than most here, as IMO 'religious tolerance' and 'freedom of religion' are both oxymorons and have no place in modern civilisation. But to say that in the past religion ONLY did wrong simply historical revisionism, and Dawkins does it ALL the time which is an even bigger disservice to the atheist community at large. We claim to be stickler of facts, then let's walk the talk.

I'm sure future history will also find similar quotes from George BUSH (Senior & Junior) & Tony Blair - which only goes to show the problem isn't God & religion, just people.

So what?

You can have them both as far as I'm concerned. 

We don't want em!


Further, there already ARE quotes. Bushed used the Bible as a reason to invade Iraq. Dead serious. He even said that God told him to do it. 

So all this exercise has proved is that yet another crazy politician justified violence through religion.

...that isn't exactly breaking news, you know. 


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