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Blaming Religion for the Evils of the World is Like Blaming Science for Pollution, Nuclear Fallout and Global Warming

By M. Wizard

Swami Vivekananda once said that if one looks closely at history, one will find that all of the horrors generally attributed to religion were really political in nature. Yet, it's interesting that we never hear politics being excoriated for the world's ills as we often do religion.

The primary message of all of the world's major religions (and most of the minor ones) is love, faith, charity and non-violence. Leo Tolstoy spent most of his later years preaching and attempting to live by Christ's teaching which he thought was central to his life and mission: "Resist not evil":

If certain (many in fact) individuals have twisted the teachings of the great religions for the sake of money and power, whose fault is that? To blame this on "Religion" is no different from blaming the evils and nightmares which are the by product of modern technology on "Science". The fact of the matter is: all of the great evil ever done in the world can be traced to individuals either ignoring or outright mocking values which are at the heart of religion, i.e. ethics and morality.

In addition, Noam Chomsky has pointed out that all of our great social movements from the abolition of slavery, to women's suffrage, to the Civil Rights Act have had their origin, and primary support, in the country's churches and synogogues.

While it's easy to look ar historical events superficially and blame the Inquisition or the Holocaust, for example- ad infinitum - on religion, this is generally done by people who either never felt the need to live a religious life, or simply felt that they lacked the character to do so.

But to blame the religion of Rama, Krishna, Plato, Jesus, Newton, J.S. Bach, Tolstoy, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr... is a downright sin.

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We wouldn't need a womens' rights movement if it wasn't for religion. Religion is the only reason they were ever oppressed. They're just fixing their own mistake.
Well said Ava.  The only thing I would add is "they" didn't fix it - they were dragged kicking and screaming to let go.  Witness the religions today that still are fighing over whether to ordain women as ______whatever the leader is called.

What non insane woman would want to be ordained as ________ anyway????????



In certain iterations of christianity, it is said that women simply do not have the capacity to be , well, for mormonism, "daughters of perdition" as men are "sons of perdition". On top of that we have that glorious double standard--of multiple wives being okay, because paternity is important, but multiple husbands are NOT okay, because obviously, maternity isn't. At least not in christianity. Which I've always found hilarious because maternity is always obvious, but patrilineage is easily lied about or confused.

In the earliest cultures like the Kung! San Bushman, they trace family through the mother, and inheritance is done through women--women own the places for water(they live in the desert), not men. And society is relatively egalitarian.

On the other hand, religions that sprung up outside of africa all seem to be obsessed with patrilineage and the control/lessening of women. Women are equated with the natural, which is sinful or pulls you away from the Male, which is the spiritual and divine. It is why even in today's society women struggle to be seen as equal.

Patriarchal oppression of women started long before religions. But religions did enshrine that patriarchal domination.
They also made it a "sin" to question patriarchal domination, even now.

People say guns don't kill, but people kill. 

It's kind of the same thing. There is this huge shelf packed with powerful guns, they lay there just waiting for somebody without morals to pick one of the guns out and start using it against people.

Religions are the guns, they just sit there and do nothing, until somebody with minor or major power decides to do something to control people's lives.


From the priest trying to suppress the young's opinion,  to the inquisition people, trying to control entire nations.

Oh, so religions created the global arms industry & nuclear weapons. Ummmm...interesting logic CFM.

That's not what I've said, you completely know that. 


No, I don't know that CFM - if I did know, I wouldn't waste my time making the comment.
Yep, I agree that religion is like guns. They were both designed to create fear and death... in addition to the things you said :)

People & their human nature "create fear and death" - the likes of you and me. We are the greatest danger to this planet - not guns, religion, God, gods etc - and we are pitifully & dangerously unaware of it.


But we also can create hope and life too - but we are pitifully unaware of that too - believing in modern myths & illusions - like we are just another animal, similar to monkeys.


Monkeys can't read, understand, or follow this thread.




Just a thought - if Man didn't have religion(s) - just as if Man didn't have family(s) - we would have made ourselves extinct thousands of years ago ?


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