Does this prove that NDEs are not caused by a malfunctioning brain deprived of oxygen?

Here is a rebuttal against the scientific theories, and it claims oxygen deprivation is impossible, as scholarly sources have shown that a brain deprived of oxygen has only small fragments of hallucinations which are frightening, and don't make sense at best, while NDEs make a whole lot of sense.

I would love your opinion on this.

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All known information debunks NDE as supernatural...and, the pathways are pretty well understood, as well as able to be simulated in laboratory conditions, etc.


Its good you are keeping an open mind to the truth though, even if you ARE quite intrigued by the many attempts to convince you of the supernatural.



That has to be the shortest post you ever typed...what's the matter?  Your fingers hurt? J/K :)

I had a sorta OBE one night, I felt I was floating in this darkness heading into this bright light.  At the last moment I jerked the wheel to the right and got back into my own lane thereby avoiding a head-on crash. doG works in mysterious ways.  I never broke doG's law about driving drunk again. Praise doG. :)


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