We'll never hear a high-level Republican official use the n word, and we'll never hear them say blacks are inferior or that they don't want Hispanics in their neighborhood. However, they do precious little to win any minority's vote and much to alienate it. Hardly a month goes by without some mid-level Republican making some insensitive statement that makes me squirm. (Bear in mind, I haven't even gotten into their apparent efforts to lose the women's vote.) They try to manipulate voting laws in a way that will bring marginally more eligible white voters to the polls. Moving on to the female vote, hardly 2 months goes by without some Republican saying something hare-brained about women or rape.

Just who are they counting on to win them the next election? There aren't enough middle-aged and elderly white guys to bank on anymore. And there are even fewer well-to-do blacks and Hispanics.

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I recall a story that surfaced in the week that followed, that explained Rove's rant - according to the story, in the 2004 election, some Rove-selected computer hackers hacked into the voting machine terminals and flipped several thousand votes from Kerry to Bush, and they were set to do it again, but another group, who had checked into the 2004 event, traced the first groups intentions electronically, and canceled their instructions to flip the votes this time, and when the time passed that the flipping was to have taken place, and it hadn't, Rove went a little berserk.

With what limited time I have this morning, I tried to look up the story, but couldn't find it. It might have been on Crooks & Liars.

America has pretty much always been non white, if you bother to split up the generalization of white people into their respective minorities. The right wing agenda screws over a lot of white minorities also, including the majority of poor white people. No, I think it's safe to say that the right wing is the party of Rich people, not specifically white people. The right wing doesn't realize how poor America has become. That can happen when you only look at the total wealth of the country, and ignore those pesky distribution of wealth statistics.

"The right wing doesn't realize how poor America has become."

That same mindset, in earlier France, is what prompted Marie Antoinette, when told the peasants had no bread, to say the words that cost her her head: "Well, let them eat cake!"

The line that sticks out for me there is "The gap between the rich and poor," which grates minorities even more than lower- and middle-class whites.


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