When we think of religion, we typically think of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and other major religions. But what about newer religions like Wicca, or Scientology?


This four part BBC documentary is a second attempt by a man to uncover the secrets of the Church of Scientology, this time with the help of ex-members.

And the second, below, is a shorter compilation of stories of the horrors of Scientology and pretty much outlines *my* view of it:


What do you think? A force for good or a frightening cult?

Why am I frightened? Because if they can do the things that they're accused of doing, it's reminiscent of the Catholic church during atrocities like the Inquisition just in how many horrible things they're permitted to get away with.

"Billion year contracts"?

What the hell?

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I became curious about scientology a couple years ago and followed the whole "anonymous" thing to the point of joining their websites and talking to lots of ex members. It really is a messed up cult. First, its members are completely separated from reality. They truly believe they are meant to "clear the planet" of baddness or whatever they think they're clearing it of. Its sad. The other side of it is that these people are so brainwashed and so browbeaten to believe that their mission is the most important thing on earth, that they are taken advantage of to the most extreme degree. They literally give ALL their income to the COS. They are separated fromnon-believing friends and family, they are threatened and abused. Young people serving in the Sea Org, which is mostly slave labor are cohered into abortions. This is not hearesay. I've heard it fromthe horse's mouth. Its one of the worst of the cults. Check out the website ex-scientology kids or operation clambake. Its so insane, you almost would think it couldn't be true, but it is.

Xenu-tv is a you tube account by Mark Bunker who has been documenting this cult literally for years and I believe is working on a documentary. He has tales that would make your head spin. There have been many inexplicable deaths and "accidents" of scientologists, too. Its really an insane religion.
Exactly. You DID hit the nail on the head, Lisa. These are the same horrifying stories I've seen when I checked up on Xenu-TV and regular YouTube. Having babies is not permitted for parents on the Sea Org, but when they WERE permitted, they had the 'Cadets Org' for little kids--- and it was absolutely rampant with child abuse. A former nanny admitted, "I had no experience with babies/kids whatsoever, and when I walked into the room I was looking after there were no less than thirty cribs lined side to side across the room, all in my care. They only got to go outside once during that time, and it took me three months to get approved; it was a trip to the park, and when we got there, none of them would leave the square space as big as their crib because they were frightened of being outside." A former Cadet Org who is now an adult, in an interview (her parents are still Sea Org members), she admitted "We did not ever get enough food to eat." Now her parents won't even speak to her because they aren't permitted to.
Here is a small sample:
To be honest, business hasn't been that great lately.
I watched this documentary last night. Certainly shone a light on scientology. I have to admit I hadn't heard much about Scientology before, apart from the odd celebrity endorsing it. I think it's a frightening cult, it started out as a do-good religion but turned into more of a business.

I found the celebrity interview part the most frightening, people around us admire these actors and yet here they are falling into a trap and allowing themselves to be brainwashed. It sounds like a fad to me. The thought of it makes me shudder.
I think alot of the celebrates just want to be the face of a religion and find it harder to be apart of Christianity. Also there is evidence of them paying said celebrates tons of money to be the spokesmen.
I studied Dianetics awhile back and dove into research about Scientology. It is really no different than any othe rreligion. they want your money your undieing faith. they have there belief system in place and force it down your throat just like Christianity. There are a few things that make my blood boil about them though. They think all medication is wrong for your body and make you stop taking it. You have to pay more and more money to learn the truth about Scientology. They use lawyers to combat anything anyone says about their religion. they have a list of people who are harmful to their religion and they will cut the member off from the entire world until you are brainwashed completely. You may never see your family again. L. Ron Hubbard wrote most of the books and founded the religion, which is a true sign it's all bullshit. the guy was a bad science fiction writer who wrote a book about the mind. he himself was cast out of the religion for stealing large sums of money and died on the run from the church and the FBI.

Scientology claims that one must become a clear to reach the secrets about their religion, which South Park shared with us sometime back. With the research i have done i can tell you they were not to far off. I have tons of videos i downloaded as well as tons of transcripts and recordings by L.RON which i got from a organization called Legion who if any of you know about them, they are a group of people that try and uncover truths about organizations like Scientology.
I'm not frightened of anything, ......so no. Like all relgions, they'll try and impose their self-important, endless-ignorance and cruelty upon society. I think that they are as ridiculous as the next religion.
L. Ron Hubbard wrote science fiction, so it's no surprise that the ideologies of scientology are just a bit out there. My opinion.... they're completely insane.

It seems to me that humanity is some how flawed with this need for some form of validation, usually in the guise of unbelievable ignorance to the world around us. It's always baffled me as to why people believe any religious ideas? because clearly they all rely on people being robots, automotons.. ready to be programed with entirely unfeasable ideas. ....Who's sitting at the top of the heap?? usually a megalomaniacal MAN! or men, hell bent on controlling people to their own twisted perverse ends.
We can understand this cult I just wonder how people who we believe to be intelligent can believe this rubbish, and not see it is for what it is, that is what is so disturbing.
I understand they get a lot of tax exemptions so how is this, as in the UK now they are talking about reducing benefits for the sick. I suppose the reason is that money is power and scientiology is rich as is the Vatican and that is why they get away with it.
The documentary frightened me in regards to young children being brainwashed.
This doesn't count the fact that Scientology's church has been known to actually bypass taxes entirely, and illegally, by actually bugging and breaking into IRS offices to steal their mountains of files. In 1993 that all stopped when, after twenty some years of war with the IRS, the IRS finally granted them tax exemption status under quite mysterious terms. I do not believe religious organization should be exempt from taxes--- if anything, I believe they need to have the same or higher taxes. They make enough freakin' money.




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