I saw this video and it made me question if children should be getting a rounded view about what they are brought up to believe. Now I know parents are only doing what they think is best for their children, but they should at least be asking the question of why they believe what they believe. If I am to have one belief in my life it is to question everything, because without questions there is no progress in society. There are to many religious groups that close their minds to new ideas and it makes me a little sad to see children expressing this closed mindedness at such a young age during the years they are the most impressionable.

I'd like to hear other peoples opinions on this.



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Wow. Poor kids... I mean it's kinda funny but there is also so much wrong with this stuff. The kid yelling that "Evolution is a lie" - does he even know what Evolution is? Really?

Of course this debate begs the question of if raising your kids without religion is the same thing... "brainwashing your children to be atheists" has come up in YouTube comment debates that I've seen at least... lol... idk how to appropriately respond but I feel raising kids to be free thinkers and ultimately choose a religion or atheism is the best way to go... then again I'm an atheist and have no kids (yet) so we'll see.
Although it probably can be demonstrated that some extremist atheists will raise their kids to believe that all realigious people are horrible and stupid people and other things that qualify as brainwashing, I don't think it's nearly as commonplace as in religous families, and that most of the accusations of "atheist brainwashing" are simply projecting.
children must only teach about facts that are already proven

and those fairytales, religions, theories, will introduces later (maybe age 20-up?) when they can already decide for themselves to believe it or not

they should not brainwashed to what to believe.

i like watching children....eyes so curious...so innocent...cute...lovely.....
but after 10 secs or so...i become bored hahhahah lol cause they will grow brainwashed by their own family and environment
i only hope that they will question the beliefs puts into them when time comes hehhehehhe

lol i run out of english heheheheh
This movie - Jesus Camp - gives a pretty horrendous view of this whole area of religion. It is tough to watch. It looks like child abuse to me.
This lady gives me the chills because of that documantary. :(
It's sad because my sister wants her kids to grow up religious but she also wants to cultivate their love for science. As they get older, the two elements are going to come to a colliding point.

I don't think we should call introducing religion to children as child abuse. It's no worse than the stupid lies parents tell their kids about Santa or the stork.

Of course Santa and the stork never killed anybody.

However group think scares me. Get a large enough body of like-minded people all spouting the same nonsense to their kids, and the propensity for something to go wrong later on in life increases.
I mean think about it. How do most parents raise their children? "Do as I say exactly the moment I say it!" We don't want to raise critical thinkers. We want our children to be obedient. So it's not surprising that religion is such a powerful force because it rewards absolute, unquestioning obedience.
Yes. Children are brainwashed by being brought up in a religion. I speak from personal experience here as I was a victim of this.
Yes, in the current school I go to people are forced to go to chapel every wednesday, forced to go to religion classes everyday, and most of the other classes teachers force their beliefs on students. I actually got a detention in 6th grade due to not praying when everyone else was. Religion is brainwashing no matter what age you are, once you believe in the bible you are stuck in its circle of lies: believe in the bible because jesus says its true, believe in jesus because the bible says he is true. And since religion runs on guilt the person will be stuck in a religion also, because they feel guilty of their "sins" that they were supposedly born with. It's brainwashing that you can't get out of without "sinning"
Indoctrination is a heinous practice imo.
"The question of why they believe what they believe" = first class ticket to hell. You can't question the church (or mosque or what have you). People don't want their children to go to hell, so they make sure that the kid at least professess a belief in the specific boogieman. The religion uses the parents concern for their kids to create another generation of sheep.


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