Does our existence support the possible existence of God?


Man is endowed with God like powers and abilities:

To soar  to other planets, release the energy of the atom, virtually simulate the formation of the Cosmos and crank it out over billions of years of time. 


Does this show that God could exist?

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These powers and abilities are results of perseverance. A human baby is not born with the knowledge of how to soar to other planets or release the energy of the atom. Even most adults aren't capable of this! The only "God-like" power we have is brain power, in which we are limitless and can comprehend that the existence of a God is not necessary.

The human species as a whole has innate Godlike qualities at birth. Meaning the potential is there. Of course there are and were men among us that shine like brilliant stars and we have all benefited from bathing in their glory.

You seem to have an extensive history on this site, Michael, but it seems to me that a lot of your posts exhibit troll-like qualities. I understand that you're a theist and have a different perspective, but come on, this is a silly question intended to provoke people, isn't it? 

provoke thought? yes

Our existence is surely necessary for the existence of God. As well as all other mythologies.


All cultures have a flood Myth. Yet there are no legends involving mammoths nor sabertooth tigers even though Cro-magnon clearly incorporated them in his Shaman rituals as evident from the cave art. (read Joseph Campbell)

This break in Human history may indeed support a cataclysm in the pass.

Man can think & therefore god can exist, in his bloody head. Well pretty much anything can exist in there really.

True, but now that time no longer starts with the big bang and we are dealing with a Multiverse, anything is possible. Yet both the Multiverse and God remain unfalsifiable

Multiverse is mathematically a possibility, according to the mathematics of string theory. god is only a possibility, in the theists head because of mental gymnastics.

Well if you go with the Eastern perspective of gods. There was a big UFO flap over Belgium in the 80s that lasted for 18 months, "Petit-rechain" UFOs. Over 500 photographs remain unexplanable. The most stricking was a 2 second time lapse photographs that was later analyzed by many scientist. The photo revealed that the craft had an electromagnet field around it. This was speculated as being the reason for its abiltity to fly silently. Our predecessors, no doubt saw stranges things also. Everything can not be written off as mental gymnastics.

Oh yeah, there is the crazy that was missing from this post.


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