Does our existence support the possible existence of God?


Man is endowed with God like powers and abilities:

To soar  to other planets, release the energy of the atom, virtually simulate the formation of the Cosmos and crank it out over billions of years of time. 


Does this show that God could exist?

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Let me redress the question. If we can exist and exhibit god-like qualities. what is to stop other or higher beings from existing with these or higher qualities.


We haven't exhibited any god like qualities. We don't do anything. We can build machines to do awesome shit & through those machines we can manipulate many things, but god according to most religions can do that just by thought.


The Christian God uses his hand in Creation and his Spirit in salvation.


The Indian gods use machines and flying vehicles .

There is no such thing as an Indian god, unless you mean native American god.

But here I think you mean hindu gods.

They didn't have machines, but magical objects. Flying vehicles weren't flying because of their engineering, but because of magic/blessing from god. And that's a small part of what hindu's believe what their gods did/do.

And if there is actually a christian god, then he uses his hand, not in creation but for wanking. And that is why this world is so fucked up. 

Magic is only science unexplained. As you read about the Petit-rechain UFO flap in Belgium, these vehicles would pass for thoses of Hindu gods. And I am sure that these things were indeed seen in the past.


Well there are many experts convinced in Belgium. And after all of these years there is still no plausable explanation. I believe that UFOs (as I have stated many times on this site) are nonbaryonic and as such do not have electron orbitals, thus allowing them to pass through objects like ghosts and they lack Higgs bosons, thus have the ability to defy physics as they move. The case history of the Petit-rechain flap in Belgium lends credence to this supposition.

Moreover, the universe has been shown to be pixelated on a quantum level, with specific particles existing precisely with the same mass. This qualities of the universe easily lends itself  to being calculable. Thus given sufficient means and the exact initial conditions, all events are foreseable and can be cranked out billions of years in advance comparable with what we do today with the cosmos on computers like Deep thought.

Moreover, this quality of the Universe would support it being contribed even as a virtual simulation on Deep Thought.

I have no problem with the idea of more advanced beings with "god-like powers" greater than our own that may have even had something to do with our evolution. I don't "believe" in them, but I can conceive of their existence.

I do have problems with the bronze age idea of a singular entity that wants us all to worship it or burn in hell for eternity. What a pissy little shit.

One theorist on 'Through the worm hole' speculated, more or less, it could be us from the future.

But that argument is too circular. But certainly, with the multiverse and time not begining with the big bang, anything is possible, given an eternity.



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