This is something I've been pondering myself recently, the leading scientific opinion is that jomosexuality is based on biology rather than being a choice, but I still wonder. I think Nature vs Nuture comes into play. Just wondering what others thoughts are.

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Well it doesn't "make evolutionary sense" because it doesn't serve a purpose. Evolutionary mutations are supposed to have a purpose. It would make more sense to people if it had a clear evolutionary purpose. If anything it only serves to cull population growth, so... not exactly useful to the survival of our species.

Well, some would argue that reducing the population is key to our species survival.

Ha, I have secretly held that theory as my own for some time now. I know there's a lot of "overpopulation is a myth" nonsense out there, but the fact of the matter is while the planet may not become overpopulated, the cities (where most people live these days) undoubtedly, irrefutably, inevitably will, and that's going to affect our quality of life. And we're going to have to adapt to that. Whether or not we'd do so on a genetic level though... it's a hurdle.

I've been doing some more reading about this topic this morning, it seems that in studies, increasing the population density of rat populations increased the frequency  of homosexuality amongst them.

Basically we are all creatures, and we like to get off? I need to read more into this, but it does seem that LGBT is more concentrated in populated areas... more to follow

That would be harder to track in current human populations.

  • the actual incidence rate of homosexuality, bisexuality and transgenderism are unknown
  • metro areas tend to be more liberal and/ or diverse, making them easier places for people who live there to come out, and people who don't live there to relocate

Evolutionary traits are not supposed to serve a purpose.  Categorically, they aren't supposed to do anything.

It's not just semantics.  It's simply not true that a given trait or expression must be beneficial in order to propagate or occur with a given frequency within a species.


Sometimes, that "purpose" is not easily perceived.  You must remember that evolution deals with populations.  Also, genetic traits are not typically a la carte, but rather part of a larger batch of genes.  So, an inhereted allele might be evolutionary advantageous overall, while doing a disservice (in the evolutionary sense) to some individuals that carry it (think sickle cell anemia and malaria resistence).


The best hypothesis I have seen on homosexuality suggests that the genetics behind this preference has a greater evolutionary "purpose" in heterosexual female relatives of gay men by way of increased fertility.  If this is true, it easily explains why homosexuality persists in populations; because the overall genetic effect is advantageous.

There's an Advisor response in a fairly recent Playboy where he -- being the advisor -- refers to one guy's theory that goes with a scale from 0-6 or 1-6. But Watch History of the world, it used to be socially acceptable to have sex with everyone, some of the questionably sick holidays that the RCC commandeered when they went full-retard, there were statues of penises everywhere around greek and roman empires it wasn't until the faux purity of enjoying and therefore encouraging sex.


Yeah I think it does, it makes perfect sense because between me and you I haven't gotten any sex in a fairly long time and it'd be nice if i could find some guy except i'm evolved to the point that i don't want to have sex with another dick... unless it's a woman's toy, which has been blatantly shown to me by more than one of my previous girlfriends. it was pretty cool. :-D


There's a lot of social conditioning going on. Animals have gay sex with each other when possible, dogs hump everything. it's a lot more socially acceptable for women to be bisexual because, well, who doesn't want to watch two lesbians make out? Except for those conservative clowns who think it's by choice and they're going to hell and all that religious bullshit, and they're scared.

i mean the faux purity instilled by the catholic church being endorsed by ... Constantine, because they used guilt as a motivator. Don't have sex, dont have impure thoughts, and then as they rose out of the middle east spread into europe and mixes with *those* indiginous peoples, the proto germans, slavics, poles, italians, spanish/portuguese etc and they conquered by force and fear and repentence and giving your stuff for indulgences and for hundreds of years they defaced pantings of nude bodies, mona lisa was originally nude, so ... the time in history when religion ruled the known planet, we call that the dark ages. Set us back probably a thousand years in scientific research, which I guess didn't start til the 1700s maybe, with newton and stuff.

and they stole their holidays which were just specific seasonal celebrations that WINTER'S F*CKING OVER LETS CELEBRATE! Valentine's day they used to run around naked in the streets hoping to be struck with thongs cut from animal scrotums, blood, because it guaranteed fertile wombs.

As with most human traits, there is evidence that nature and nurture both play a role. 


That being said, it also seems that within any large, statistically significant population some individuals are simply born to be on one end of the spectrum or the other with the rest in the middle.  There is also evidence suggesting that latent bi-sexuality is present in a large percentage of the human population.  However, to bring this bisexuality to the fore usually requires deprivation--deprive a single sex population of contact with the opposite sex long enough and many of them will start to behave sexually with each other.


For those in the middle of the bell curve between homosexuality and heterosexuality, I think homosexuality serves a couple of vital evolutionary functions.  Most important, it helps to relieve sexual tension when necessary.  In the long evolutionary days (and nights) before there were laws against polygamy, it probably prevented a lot of violence.  (Just read some articles about homosexuality now in parts of the Muslim world where polygamy is still allowed.  Homosexual behavior is rampant, though usually officially denied.) 


It probably also allows the different sexes to be more in tune with each other.  Both of these considerations indicate that it aids in maintaining group harmony.


Finally, don't forget that nature is not a precise, machine tooled factory run by perfectionist automatons.  Nature slaps us together in a most haphazard way.  It is inevitable that some of us will get more of one particular trait than others.  As long as we continue to pass along the gene for this sexual safety valve, some of us will get a full dose, while others will get only a partial one, and still others will get none at all.


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