This is something I've been pondering myself recently, the leading scientific opinion is that jomosexuality is based on biology rather than being a choice, but I still wonder. I think Nature vs Nuture comes into play. Just wondering what others thoughts are.

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I believe that the last time this topic was raised, someone complained that there was already a recent thread on this where it had been debated ad nauseum.  It was debated again.   :-)  That can't have been more than two months ago and it shouldn't be too dificult to find.

Since there is homosexuality in other species, I have to say it is nature. Penguins or dogs don't make a decision in that regard.

Darlene, I am pro-gay rights but I still am still trying to learn more about this argument.  I haven't found evidence that any animals show signs of exclusively preferring the same sex as there is with gay orientation.  

I think plenty of other evidence indicates that there is something to gay orientation that makes it biological.  I am interested in finding out more about this nature argument.  Do you know of any animals that do practice exclusive preference towards same sex?

Sheep are one example

Awesome, that helped.  Thanks Kara.  I found this website as a result.

Hi Darlene, I have read of this among fish, birds & other animals.

I don't mind seeing the topic again. 


Any Homosexual you talk to will tell you they never made a choice "it just felt right" to quote a gay friend of mine. I know I never made a choice to be straight it is just the way I am and I could never be attracted to a man the way I am to women. The entire choice argument is being promoted to validate homophobia its actually very similar to the teach the controversy argument creationist use it keeps the discussion going with out any facts to back it up.     

Brain-washing and made to feel shameful.


That is a choice to fight there nature due to social pressure they are still gay and have the same feelings but they fight the urge to act on them. However they are born Gay and always  will be some give in to pressure and try to live another way but in there heart they are still gay that dose not change just how they live and the face they show the world. The point I am trying to make is there is no switch they can tun off they might go threw therapy and live a Christian Lifestyle ie wife and kids but inside they are still a gay person just living a lie. A good example of this is pastor Ted Haggard a good christian family man who hates gays and promotes the bible but also likes to have sex with male prostitutes.   

Spot on - great example.

Suppression of their true selves!


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