Perhaps because Christians portray Yahweh as "The God of Love" and prayers with lines like "God so loved the world that he gave his only son...," atheists spend a lot of time presenting evidence that the God of the Holy Bible is not good."

But let's set that all aside and ask a purely theological question: Does God HAVE to be good? Do terms like good and bad even apply to God?

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Last year for Darwin Day I attended a bunch of presentations at the (rather small) museum they have at the University of Colorado (Boulder campus) and one of the speakers tried to claim that almost no one would answer the old "Does god approve because its good, or is it good because god approves" by picking the latter option.  (He correctly identified it is ethically monstrous.)  I *almost* interrupted to tell him he didn't know nearly enough Xians.

Good god no --!


From what I understand, God or gods are not bound by moral laws.

Which is why humans probably shouldnt be taking advice from them ...

God doesnt really say much about love in the OT bible .. it pretty much just commands to love God or else ...


God has only to be good enough to reveal the truth and nothing but the truth so help him self.

No god does not have to be good. God is the ruler of all the land. We all know that rulers of certain countries were not always "good". God is just like a human ruler would be. They can take the fear approach, or the supportive and caring approach. In the case of god, it's both. I guess god is that good!

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. God (allegedly) is all-powerful. Draw your own conclusions.

FYI, the original Lord Acton quote goes "Power TENDS to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely" (emphasis mine).

He also wrote this: "Great men are almost always bad men."[

I bask in the glory of your enlightenment, which you TEND to disperse wherever you go, O Un-One --

Well said.


Just in case either of you felt like a new avatar....

You really know how to hurt a guy --


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