From time to time religion as a topic does come up on the web with me. I have no problem freely describing myself as an "ex-Catholic", but it doesn't sit too well with some people. But that is what I am, I am an ex-catholic as I have not practiced Catholicism in over 13 years. 

You of course then deal with people uttering that nonsensical phrase "Once a Catholic, always a Catholic." To which I usually respond with "Once a Catholic? Sure. But never again."

Upon queuing this matter on another forum, it was suggest by a user who happens to be an atheist; that it is difficult to totally abandon Catholic culture. But what is this Catholic culture exactly? Does Catholicism even have a culture at all? I would have thought the Catholic culture would mainly consist of community church activities, which I have no association with whatsoever. 

What is this Catholic culture? I can't even define what exactly that would entail. 

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My Catholic dad sent five kids to Catholic schools. The five of us talked and found that before he died he knew we had all quit Catholicism. We didn't look for a reason, but we did talk about his occasional violence.

I quit in 1957. Studying science, I considered evidence important and so, at the student atheist club, when I heard people insist that there are no gods I chose agnosticism. Fifty two happy years later, I was given an opportunity, at a Toastmasters club, to come out as an atheist.

I did so and no one reacted negatively. I subsequently gave a talk on "The Six Kinds of Atheists" (from a Univ. of Tennessee study with that name) and everyone seemed interested. A year later they elected me club president.

Catholicism does have a culture. One way to say it is "Nothing important happens until you die."

Another take on Catholic culture:

I can identify and describe the instant I stopped being a prude.

I would like to know the part Catholicism played in making me a prude.

Every religion has a culture. Each church is different regardless of the religion, or denomination.

That's human nature.

I can tell you it does have a culture...

I am 4th generation New Mexican and Irish. Both sides of my biological family are Catholic. So much of who I am is influenced by Catholicism and I'm an Atheist!

Hard to explain. But yes. I come from Catholic roots and they influenced me. My Mom chose a family to raise me Catholic (they didn't)..,. And my grandmother who just passed away was devout Catholic.
I should take a pic of the rosary my biological father sent me. It's beautiful! I don't know what to do with it but it's beautiful

I don't know what this means, but my friend Tony was building a fire out of bits of wood in the fireplace, and Nick said, are you a Catholic?  It turned out they both came from Catholic families.  I asked what he meant and he said it was because Tony was building it really carefully instead of just chucking the wood in any old how.  I think I remember that they said Catholics bring you up strictly and everything has to be done perfectly. 

If looking across countries it's obvious that there are different cultures within the catholic church.
Orthodox in Eastern Europe, different Saints are more worthy in some areas.
In Latin America among others Mother Mary is important.


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