I know that the ones who are against same sex marriage are almost exlusively religious people, is there anyone who is against it? If so, why?

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What happened to separation of church and state - equality for all, and all of that. It should be a given, not personal bias one way or the other.

People run out of excuses, so bring in donkeys!!!  It is beyond me how anybody thinks these things up :( 

People who are against same sex marriage, should find out, just like religion, where did it come from.

The giving away of a daughter to unite families, still happens by the way in some cultures. Where does the concept of Best Man, Groomsmen, Bridesmaids come from, why is it the father who gives away the daughter, why, even twenty years ago, the wife was called Mrs. Fred Flange, with her identity completely  obscured by the husband, why do western women carry flowers, why do brides wear white.

When did religion get involved on something that was tribal and why.

It all has evolved into the marriage ceremony of today - take away plush weddings with all the accoutrements - marriage would all but disappear.

Tell a would be bride, nope, no big wedding, you would hear her weeping and wailing. It is all just fashion of the day - and it will now include same sex weddings.

I would like to be adopted by Ricky Martin :) or Penny Wong, an Australian Finance Minister and Senator.


Honestly, I don't think that anyone should be against same sex marriage. If you are against same sex marriage why aren't you against heterosexual marriage?

Watch this, it is funny and informative.


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