I know that the ones who are against same sex marriage are almost exlusively religious people, is there anyone who is against it? If so, why?

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I think it's kind of sad that this is an issue, or has to be an issue. But a gay partner frequently isn't given visitor status in a hospital, isn't given the same inheritance rights as a hetero spouse, so this is a valid legal issue even if you don't believe in marriage.

Of course. Pragmatically I have no issue with it.

I believe marriage is strictly for procreation, so anyone who isn't fertile shouldn't be allowed to marry. (wink)

Would this include our elders? Viagra must be unchristian by some mental contortion. Post-menopausal women ought to seek divorces too!

There is no coherent reason to prohibit any two people from being married.  And please don't ask me if I also think it's all right for a man to marry a donkey; that's okay by me also - no skin off my nose; and if the donkey community doesn't object, why should mine?

I would personally object to same sex marriages for heterosexuals. I know this is discrimination based on sexual preference, but it just doesn't seem right ;)

Of course that's the inverse of a favorite argument the anti-gays make.  "Despite your claims to the contrary, the law doesn't discriminate against you, you, Mr. Gayman, can marry any woman you want so log as she is agreeable."

I am completely for same sex marriage, everyone deserves equal rights no matter their preference of attraction!! The simple thing is, people are ignorant assholes, just a fact of life. Once this stupid discrimination is gotten over, another will replace it, like what about children of same sex marriage or another equally trivial and prehistoric idea. 

Did someone say it's okay for any couple to marry including if a person wants to marry a donkey? Sorry but marriage is for 'consenting adults' in my humble opinion and until we can be sure the donkey is giving consent I can't bring myself to agree with that one...  yet, needs a bit more research me thinks lol

What happened to separation of church and state - equality for all, and all of that. It should be a given, not personal bias one way or the other.

People run out of excuses, so bring in donkeys!!!  It is beyond me how anybody thinks these things up :( 

People who are against same sex marriage, should find out, just like religion, where did it come from.

The giving away of a daughter to unite families, still happens by the way in some cultures. Where does the concept of Best Man, Groomsmen, Bridesmaids come from, why is it the father who gives away the daughter, why, even twenty years ago, the wife was called Mrs. Fred Flange, with her identity completely  obscured by the husband, why do western women carry flowers, why do brides wear white.

When did religion get involved on something that was tribal and why.

It all has evolved into the marriage ceremony of today - take away plush weddings with all the accoutrements - marriage would all but disappear.

Tell a would be bride, nope, no big wedding, you would hear her weeping and wailing. It is all just fashion of the day - and it will now include same sex weddings.

I would like to be adopted by Ricky Martin :) or Penny Wong, an Australian Finance Minister and Senator.


Honestly, I don't think that anyone should be against same sex marriage. If you are against same sex marriage why aren't you against heterosexual marriage?


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