...how does one start a Whole New Congress Movement? We could start with rallies in or marches to the public squares of major cities all asking people to commit to throw their Senators and Representatives out of office in the next election.

We need to throw a scare into our Senators and Representatives.

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Some years ago, Josh Brolin, James Brolin's son, starred in a TV series that may have been called, "The Congressman," but I'm not sure about the exact title - at any rate, he was a Freshman Congressman, elected on a variety of promises, that, once in office, he learned very quickly, couldn't be kept. To get one of his promises through with the necessary support, he had to agree to support other programs that he thoroughly opposed. In politics, it's all about deals and mutual back-scratching.

Found it on IMDB Mister Sterling

That really doesn't sound like the title, but the premise sounds about right. Shame it only lasted ten episodes.

About the same time, James Garner and Sally Field each starred as Supreme Court Justices, in their own series about the Supreme Court, and even with those bankable stars, the two series never made it past the first year.

Apparently politics don't play too well in America, we'd rather watch shoot-em-ups than anything too cerebral, which may go far to explain why our political system is so screwed up.

Apathy, thy name is America.

Really? The West Wing? (huge hit) House of Cards? (another hit) Scandal (a big hit) 

Odd, I never watched any of those - they must have been on opposite my cartoons.

I, too, was disappointed that he continued with some the more dastardly programs Bush initiated.

Don't be ridiculous.  He has exactly the same powers as those who came before him and at the end of his second term, he will step down. 

I so wish that some other Congressman in my district had at least a fighting chance. But Steve King represents and entire 1/4 of Iowa, and there's too many far-righters out in the rural areas who think he's actually right -- or at least who would vote for any Republican regardless of how stupid he is. The person who challenged him last cycle should have been a threat, but he wiped her away in the election.

America should work like other countries, where someone in power has the ability to dissolve the congress and call for all-new elections when something like this happens. None of this silly waiting until the end of 2014. Let's do this now.

I'd really like the Republicans to explain why it's so important to deny Americans healthcare when if they are concerned about spending, they could simply look at the military hyperspending, Medicare abuse, the "black budget" (spying, etc.), farm subsidies, and other areas where spending is more questionable.

Of course, their seldom-stated concern is that Obamacare is socialism and will turn the country into one with a majority population of government dependents.

Would you believe that since Texas Representative Wendy Davis has thrown her hat into the Gubernatorial ring, Texas has created a website, the motto of which is, "Keep Texas Red" - don't you have to imagine that Ultra-Right-Wing Conservative, Eugene McCarthy, is doing pirrouettes in his grave?

Yeah, I've wondered why blue states are liberal and red states are conservative, and when I read the Wikipedia article on the topic, I came away with the impression that it just happened and no thought was put into it.


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