...how does one start a Whole New Congress Movement? We could start with rallies in or marches to the public squares of major cities all asking people to commit to throw their Senators and Representatives out of office in the next election.

We need to throw a scare into our Senators and Representatives.

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Also, once you reach Social Security age, you start to face a blizzard of hard choices regarding insurance and health care. Probably there is resistance among some elderly people to signing up on the health care exchanges because they're thinking "Oh no, not more difficult and complicated decisions."

I don't get why the President isn't out there reminding people that, if you already are on insurance, MEDICARE INCLUDED, you don't have to do anything. Most elderly Americans have Medicare and don't need to do anything.

I wonder why that is the case though? It is not like Obama is an idiot or  clueless about the power of PR.  Why would a president who is very competent on the PR side of things drop the ball so badly with he's signature policy?

I can't answer that - it was my first disappointment with his administration. I get a White House newsletter regularly, and sometimes it will take me to another site where I'm invited to offer comments. I've suggested, on several occasions, that we need a more detailed explanation, but clearly the message is getting logjammed somewhere.

  The individual mandate (a core part of the ACA) was originally the Republicans alternative to a single payer system proposed by the Clinton administration.The concept of a health insurance mandate was hatched in the Heritage Foundation, based largely on the Swiss health insurance system and was still a Republican plan when John McCain sought the presidential nomination in 2000 and when New Hampshire adopted the plan in 2006.

  When Obama signed the ACA into law, Republicans did an about-face, abandoning the mandate and suddenly framing the market based plan as an evil socialist plan from the Democrats.

  My opinion is that the modern republican party is totally obsessed with vilifying the democratic party at any cost to the public.

-- AND at any cost to their own integrity.

What integrity?

You first start with a charismatic leader --

What would be the point until you resolve the issue of how to finance politics. Do you not need to break the link between funding donations to politicians buying favour and bias before any real change can be made ?

That would certainly help, but I guess I believe there are still uncorruptible people out there. 

In addition to putting some reins on lobbyists (the people who bribe the politicians while supposedly providing them with "information"), we need to institute term limits on legislators much in the way we only allow a President to serve only two terms. Some of these guys start serving in their 30's or 40's and stick it out until the day they die.

"That would certainly help, but I guess I believe there are still uncorruptible people out there."

I think the problem is that those sort of people are extremely unlikely to rise very high in politics.

It depends on how you define corruption.

  In many countries, bribery is not considered corruption, Bribery and conflicts of interest are considered corruption, but only when it involves the government. While in the private sector, particularly in corporate culture where authority is completely divorced from accountability, the story is very different.

  The tea party is just one of many manifestations of a complex religious mythology based on greed  The god of this religion is called THE MARKET. But THE MARKET is not omnipotent, but is held captive by  demonic librul forces in government. The tea party candidates honestly believe their patriotic duty is to release the market from government control through weakening the government, and subjugating control of the government to the forces of the market.

 Technically they aren't corrupt. Their ideology is.

I looks like they might win another one on individual limits that SCOTUS is considering taking up.


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