...how does one start a Whole New Congress Movement? We could start with rallies in or marches to the public squares of major cities all asking people to commit to throw their Senators and Representatives out of office in the next election.

We need to throw a scare into our Senators and Representatives.

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As long as the Tea Party people are in office, I think they'll be Obama's "gift that keeps on giving."

Proof the President needs the line item veto.

Congratulations, Tea Party. In the midst of Obamacare’s glitch-ridden debut, you did the one thing that could make us love our government: You took it away and held it hostage. Don’t expect any thanks from the president you helped.

That's the last paragraph of a very interesting article about how much the shutdown will benefit Obama in the remainder of his second term.

Your good friend and mine, Crazy Ted Cruz is at it again --

U.S. Senator Cruz blocks confirmation of new FCC chairman

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republican Senator Ted Cruz, a conservative whose defiant stand against Obamacare helped prompt the U.S. government shutdown, has blocked the Senate from voting on the nomination of Tom Wheeler to be Federal Communications Commission chairman.

The Senate was scheduled to vote on Wheeler, a Democrat and telecom industry veteran, late on Wednesday. Cruz held up the vote over questions about the FCC's power to enforce disclosures of who sponsors political television advertising.

"The Senator is holding the nominee until he gets answers to his questions regarding Mr. Wheeler's views on whether the FCC has the authority or intent to implement the requirements of the failed Congressional DISCLOSE Act," said Cruz spokesman Sean Rushton, referring to a failed bill meant to step up political disclosures.

This time, he wants the FCC to promise they won't disclose who is contributing to whose campaign - what do you suppose he's afraid for?


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