Does Anyone Else Suffer Interpretation Issues?

I'm posting this because I've been dealing with interpretation problems for years and it seems to be a daily issue. Do any of you do something completely different when asked "Wrap that box up to keep the ants from getting out"? When I went to go do this, I literally thought that my mom meant plastic wrap instead of a plastic bag.. Maybe I over analyze very simple tasks but I find that when you give me vague instructions I panic and don't know what to do despite how simple it is. It would have made more sense if my mom said "Put those ants in a plastic bag and throw it out". Sometimes all it takes is being a little more specific for me to understand you. I can't follow simple VOCAL instruction when it is vague and it seems like my mind goes wild. I think this is one of the things about me that I hate the most because you HAVE to be DIRECT with me to understand you. I also have hard times understanding books while alone and without a tape, I can't interpret most forms of vague yet simple instruction, and finally on top of being forgetful sometimes.

I know my mind is very active because I think a lot but this single problem makes me feel like an absolute idiot towards regular communication. If I had a job, where instructions can be vague, I could end up making a huge fool of myself. If I didn't have this issue I'd probably be half as depressed as I am now. :/

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I had considered it as an effect of 'computational overload', and 'mis-use of language for control'.

In work environments, supervisors, memos, coworkers, etc, are tasked by time and brevity restrictions. We often times do not have the 'time' for clarity. The other portion might be the local 'secret language' that people use in their context. Some of us need the greater/confined associations to stay within that local context. A nice way to be set up!

One job super. suggested that we had a 'language barrior', because I am a well educate nerd, and he a ex-football player that pointed and grunted!

I'm not sure what you mean.

Be proud, you're cut from the same cloth as Albert Einstein, maybe you will discover the Unified Field Theory.

*besides women are known to be cryptic. :)


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