Does anyone else feel the bailout as more the single greatest scam ever committed towards the American something real big and bad about to happen?

Does anyone else feel the bailout as more the single greatest scam ever committed towards the American people... is something real big and bad about to happen?

What do you think? Share your thoughts!

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i truly feel something is going on that going to have a profound impact on us in the future. I mean I look at it this way we are giving borrowed money to cover more borrowed money. We all know how that works out. Ever played sim city? If you have not I insist you try.
*begin sarcasm*

Yes, it's a sign of the end times. Actually, things are so bad that Jesus could return at any moment. Be ready!

*end sarcasm*
I cannot believe that so many people have been mugged or how much the thugs got away with. I do know that when I screw up and lose money (often!!), no one has ever offered me a "get out of the shit free" pass. The fact is, I go to jail if I try to screw the pooch on my taxes or even if I try to make a stink about globalization. WTF is going on?!?! There is no more "for the people by the people", we are on our way out. If we don't return to a gold standard it will never get fixed.
Remember this feeling the next election. Not just the presidential one but everything from city council to state legislatures to congress. Make incumbents pay for your rage. Vote them ALL out. Push for term limits and not the quasi Bloomberg type. Pick someone outside the box and give the middle finger to all republicans and democrats. Vote for an atheist. Vote for an Independent. Vote for a cartoon character. Revolutions don't have to be violent. Politicians should fear the people; the people should not fear their government. We have to be mad as hell and not take it any more.

Or, you can do what I did and leave the USA. Left 19 years ago and have never been back. (I do continue to vote but never, ever for a republicrat)
The future doesn't matter to Xtians. They are certain that any day now they will be swept into heaven in the Rapture, leaving the rest of us holding the bag. The world is going nuts around us, and if we can't start making decisions not based on biblical prophecy we are doomed.
I'll weigh in ... wouldn't this be more suitable on another forum? I'm all for discussing politics when it pertains to religion/atheism, but polluting this site with general political discussion renders it useless to me.

My bad, Didn't realize I was in the "politics" forum ... I blame the pain killers ;-)



Wow. Pretty idiotic of me to assume the users on here were more Democrat than Republican--eh? Or maybe more idiotic to assume they are Republican simply because they are against the bailout? Hmm...

Hope not to offend.
Anyone that supports the bipartisanship is pretty idiotic.

No offense.
Anyone who is a Democrat or a Republican is idiotic?

I take my statement back...pretty idiotic of me to assume that atheism = liberalism.
Liberalism can be pretty idiotic.


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