Does Anybody Watch the Ancient Aliens TV Series on History Channel?

It's this show about how all of the religions in the world were speaking metaphorically about how God/s were actually extraterrestrial beings that have enslaved the human civilization, and have manipulated our genome "in their image". I'm not sure what to make of this... check this out:


What do you think???

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Hi Matt


I completely agree with this post.  They want evidence?  The bible.  Problem is, most atheists cannot fathom picking the bible back up and considering it because they have ridiculed it for so long.  Also, they won't believe in aliens because then they are no longer at the top of chain...


When thy say that "aliens couldn't travel so far to get here", I wonder why they are making these assumptions...just because (Earthling) humans don't yet have the technology to travel at light speed or the ability to travel through wormholes, does NOT mean that a more advanced civilization can't.  Remember, there are star systems and planets in the Milky Way Galaxy alone that have million year head starts on us....


I love the Ancient Alien Theory, and the more you use logical and critical thinking, the more it makes sense, unlike evolution

They built pyramids out of mud bricks and rocks.  With labor that is unused  at certain times of the year between crops.  Now if these pyramids and henges were built out of titanium or stainless steel I would be more convinced.  Technological and philosophical levels in human populations rises and falls depending on whether or not Republicans are in power or not.
Also, they stated that it is extremely unlikely that our minds could have evolved so quickly as to go from nomadic-hunter-gatherers to building the pyramids and other structures at the same time.


OK, I would love to see the calculations behind this said small probability. If there aren't any calculations, then how the #@&$ do they know it's extremely unlikely ? This is like the irreducible complexity crap. No, we can't say that something couldn't have evolved gradually, just as we can't say that something couldn't have been built by ancient people. The Nazca Lines, all sorts of pyramids and stone henges... these are not evidence, not even circumstantial, for the alien visitors. Therefore, because we don't have any evidence, the probability of these visitors from other planets is extremely small... demonstrably so.


Also, it's not about the evolution of the human mind as it is about the evolution of human knowledge. Brain-wise, we haven't changed very much since the ancient times. And another thing to consider is that we shouldn't judge the abilities of a population by the abilities of its average member. Even today, many people don't know that the Earth revolves around the Sun, or that radioactive milk can't be made safe for drinking by boiling it... seriously, there was a study. We, as a civilization, are pretty much retarded primitive... and yet we have the Large Hadron Collider, a true marvel that future people will think couldn't have been built by such primitive people. I mean, seriously, how could we know about superconductors, immense detectors like Atlas and CMS, or whatever high-tech stuff there is in the LHC, or in the rest of the world for that matter? Most people don't know that we're related to all other known species, or that humans are mammals... again, not kidding. And that's because the IQs of most people are closer to the IQ of an amoeba, than to those with the highest IQs. OK, maybe the IQ scale isn't linear, but still... there's a huge difference between being on the cutting edge of science and technology, and believing the Earth is 6,000 years old.


Finally, it makes sense that primitive societies would build pyramids. I mean, you don't have to think about the center of gravity of a pyramid... it's always going to be close to the center of the base. You can easily climb a sloped surface, or you can use it the bring construction materials to the top and so on.


P.S. And why didn't the aliens build lasers, or mind-controlling devices? Why did they settle for wood and rock as building materials? I mean, you'd think they would know about carbon fiber, or at least plastic. Or maybe they just wanted to look like they were never here.

And another thing to consider is that we shouldn't judge the abilities of a population by the abilities of its average member.

Excellent point. Although past civilizations may have been predominately illiterate, this in no way hinders the intellectual progress of the educated elite. Also, perhaps it would have helped; after all, the educated elite surely would have controlled the illiterate masses. This would have yielded the massive work force necessary to complete these engineering feats.

exactly - it's like - Yeah, we aliens can use wormholes to go from point A to point B which is 10million light years away in a matter of minutes - but we still like to build simple three dimensional structures the HARDEST F%*&%*% WAY POSSIBLE ... 



What is the deal with all aliens HAVING to be light years away from Earth???

The history channel, like the SyFy (it ain't even Sci-Fi any more) channel have abandoned their roots in pursuit of market share.

Seriously, what happened to the Sci-Fi channel?!  Every time I flip by it's got some terrible B-movie about massive alligators or something.  I mean, those are entertaining sometimes, but not exactly Sci-Fi.
There are people who do believe in this. The Anunnaki.  It is rather interesting to study up on.. I have a book around here that is written like a bible by their leader or something. of course it is sold in the fiction section right by where the bible and quaran should be in my honest opinion:)
Haha... omg... could you imagine the OUTRAGE? If someone were to sell the bible in that section? LOLZ
I could imagine it.. I could also imagine I would piss my pants laughing so hard at the outrage.. lol
oh man... don't you love double standards? (mild sarcasm)



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