Does Anybody Watch the Ancient Aliens TV Series on History Channel?

It's this show about how all of the religions in the world were speaking metaphorically about how God/s were actually extraterrestrial beings that have enslaved the human civilization, and have manipulated our genome "in their image". I'm not sure what to make of this... check this out:


What do you think???

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I'm not saying that at all. I'm just saying, let's keep an open mind.


Move down to the construction section - it states that a construction worker devised a way for ONE MAN to be able to move / rotate / and flip up a 10 ton stone using simple levers / pulleys / fulcrums.  


Another quick theory is that there was wooden tracks laid out for a long length - and when the stone was being pulled on these tracks - the wooden tracks would then be moved and rebuilt - allowing the stone to be pulled the next few miles.  


To say that humans in the year 3,000 BC would not be able to figure this stuff out - is kind of demeaning IMO. 


Some even believe those people had the ability to use ball bearings of a sort - to help slide large stones.  


As for the astronomy behind it - I won't pretend to know anything about astronomy - but I don't see why it's difficult to imagine a few people versed in the ways of the stars and sun - and how they could keep track and calculate angles and such - to make some accurate measurements.  


As for the pyramids - just use this link and start reading.  I'm guessing you haven't really gotten around to researching this stuff - You just enjoy the conspiracy theories set out by the Hist Channel .. correct me if I'm wrong?

3,000 years is a long time when you are talking about developing knowledge in a literate society. We went from wooden sailing ships to exploring Mars with robots in less than 200 years.

But see, that's exactly my point... 3,000 years is a very long time, however you can't really compare such  advances back then, simply because the vast amount of people in these ancient societies were illiterate. The evolution of ideas wouldn't have taken place nearly as quickly in an illiterate society that had NO WAY of communicating these ideas to the other civilizations at the time, coincidentally started to develop the same type structures at the same time.


I do not think that the Egyptians were able to, in 3,000 years, come up with technologies that we either still cannot duplicate, or have a very difficult time duplicating (no mortar was used to connect the blocks in some of the pyramids, for example, concluding that thermal heating must have been used to MELT these enormous blocks into their current position). Idk.


Additionally, I have read up on these astronomical observatories that the ancients used. Many of them point towards a constellation, Cygnus. Why? How is this possible, that all over the world, people JUST HAPPENED to develop supremely advanced engineering, astrophysical, and mathematical techniques (it doesn't seem plausible that a civilization could go from picking berries from plants, to solving partial differential equations, in the same timespan that the Roman Empire rose and fell). Does it make sense that just COINCIDENTALLY, all of these ancient cultures (early Greeks, Egyptians, Sumerians, Chinese, Mayans, ancient Turks (forgot their name), etc, etc, etc) placed some type of significance on certain constellations in the night sky???? I find it extremely difficult to think that this is just a coincidence, that there is NOTHING unusual about this idea. I think it is a little bit arrogant, actually, to put so much confidence into mankind's "ingenuity".


Rather, according to ancient texts, we can conclude that most of these cultures HAD NO KNOWLEDGE of even basic calculus techniques. Pythagoras himself discovered the Pythagorean Theorem and various other mathematical ideas. but... this is a far cry from elementary calculus. Check out some of these links: (demonstrates that the romans had advanced technology, but not enough to build the pyramids so precisely) (demonstrates that Earth's history was much different than we think) what we think we know about mankind's journey into populating the world. Note that at the 12,500 years marker, ancient basic stone tools used for hunting were found, supporting the idea that we had not yet developed the technology to create permanent settlements; also note that at the 10,000 year marker, the last Ice Age had ended, allowing for what we thought was permanent settlements and agriculture. How could Gobekli Tepe exist as a permanent structure before the discovery of agricultural farming?) 


Idk. I see your point, but I have asked myself these same questions, and there are holes to the logic.


One point ... if aliens did build the pyramids ... they did a pretty shitty job if we are to believe their civilization is SOOOOOO advanced as to be able to travel easily through space.  


Also, why would they use humans ... why not just do it themselves very easily ... or build robots like another person commented.


What would aliens want to do with a planet such as our own ... there are no other signs of aliens effecting our planet ... other than them building some very plain looking structures ... even if they were sophisticated at the time of construction.  


Where are the aliens now?  You can glue together paper plates and buy the cheapest camera at a grocery store - and make perfect pictures with UFO's ... this has already been demonstrated.


The chronological order of the pyramids show the precision to increase as the society gains more knowledge about how to build them ... it's just a group of humans learning from their mistakes.  


Why would humans want to do this - it seems like an impossible feat - to do this with primitive technology ... Well why  not ask - why would ALIENS wish to do this???


I don't really feel like researching this all in depth.  


It's the same thing as the bible supposedly having all this evidence that a man rose from the dead after being crucified ... and people plugging in God as the answer ... rather than a more plausible and natural explanation.  


I think you've been watching too much conspiracy theory about it - instead of reading up on theories that don't include aliens.  


Plus - the one thing I noticed is that the astronaut theorists - even though they all seemed to believe aliens built some stuff a while ago - is some other ridiculous claims ... like we have alien dna ... this is obviously false because we share our dna with other species ... this would mean the aliens would have had to have created life - using dna as a means - and helped along in the process of evolution - until humans evolved - then the aliens would use us to build simple 3 D structures - for no apparent purposes than to confuse us a few thousand years later.  


And you're an Atheist?  ;-)

"I don't really feel like researching this all in depth."


This statement voids your entire defence. So because YOU do not feel like reading up on this, you think that it is untrue. But yet, you have the audacity to accuse someone like me of its non-existence? I don't think so. You remind me of a quote by Benjamin Franklin: "Ignorance is not so much a shame, as is the unwillingness to learn". You have effectively closed your mind to any other thinking other then that to which YOU THINK is true, even though you FREELY ADMIT that you have not investigated, nor do you wish to investigate, this claim further... and you call yourself an Atheist? ;-) your statement reminds me of something a Bible-beater would do.

Sir, do you feel the need to read up on the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus?  


I don't need to prove it didn't happen.  You need to prove it did.  Or did we forget the entire 'burden of proof' thing.  


And yeah I do call myself an atheist :D


Besides , unwillingness is totally different than not feeling like it.  heh


"I don't need to prove it didn't happen.  You need to prove it did.  Or did we forget the entire 'burden of proof' thing." 


Sir, I never once claimed that I thought aliens came down to visit us. Go read my post on the next page again, and you will see that I am just trying a thought experiment and I am intrigued by the indirect evidence others are making in support of this claim.


"And yeah I do call myself an atheist :D"


Maybe if you were an Atheist, you'd understand that if you don't make a claim, you don't have to prove it.


"Besides , unwillingness is totally different than not feeling like it.  heh"

What? If you 'don't feel like it', is that not the same as expressing your LACK OF WILLINGNESS to research this?


Let's stop. I think we have both gone too far here. I apologize if I have offended you in any way. My goal here with this discussion was not to make enemies, nor to make argumentation. I was simply trying to examine (with help of other Atheists) if this claim that others were making was plausible.

I'm not at all offended - I was just having some fun banter.

Ok good :] me too. It's just hard to read people using strictly text LOL

Hi Matt


I completely agree with this post.  They want evidence?  The bible.  Problem is, most atheists cannot fathom picking the bible back up and considering it because they have ridiculed it for so long.  Also, they won't believe in aliens because then they are no longer at the top of chain...


When thy say that "aliens couldn't travel so far to get here", I wonder why they are making these assumptions...just because (Earthling) humans don't yet have the technology to travel at light speed or the ability to travel through wormholes, does NOT mean that a more advanced civilization can't.  Remember, there are star systems and planets in the Milky Way Galaxy alone that have million year head starts on us....


I love the Ancient Alien Theory, and the more you use logical and critical thinking, the more it makes sense, unlike evolution

They built pyramids out of mud bricks and rocks.  With labor that is unused  at certain times of the year between crops.  Now if these pyramids and henges were built out of titanium or stainless steel I would be more convinced.  Technological and philosophical levels in human populations rises and falls depending on whether or not Republicans are in power or not.


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