Does Anybody Watch the Ancient Aliens TV Series on History Channel?

It's this show about how all of the religions in the world were speaking metaphorically about how God/s were actually extraterrestrial beings that have enslaved the human civilization, and have manipulated our genome "in their image". I'm not sure what to make of this... check this out:


What do you think???

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exactly - it's like - Yeah, we aliens can use wormholes to go from point A to point B which is 10million light years away in a matter of minutes - but we still like to build simple three dimensional structures the HARDEST F%*&%*% WAY POSSIBLE ... 



What is the deal with all aliens HAVING to be light years away from Earth???

The history channel, like the SyFy (it ain't even Sci-Fi any more) channel have abandoned their roots in pursuit of market share.

There are people who do believe in this. The Anunnaki.  It is rather interesting to study up on.. I have a book around here that is written like a bible by their leader or something. of course it is sold in the fiction section right by where the bible and quaran should be in my honest opinion:)
Haha... omg... could you imagine the OUTRAGE? If someone were to sell the bible in that section? LOLZ
I could imagine it.. I could also imagine I would piss my pants laughing so hard at the outrage.. lol
oh man... don't you love double standards? (mild sarcasm)
I can watch the entire run of Stargate SG-1 on Hulu, which is far more entertaining stories about ancient aliens and is honestly presented as fiction, not passed off as fact :)
Psh, bump that! Battlestar Galactica is where it's at lol (guilty pleasures)

I have seen it.   Its entertaining.   I love the suggestion that Merlin built Stonehenge.  I nearly choked on my pizza when I heard that.  Other elements such as the underwater cities are interesting but their suggestions as to how they came to be underwater and who built them (Aquaman still has the blueprints) are sometimes a little out of the box.


It is supposed to be comedy isnt it?


History is a subject that has a hard enough time trying to adhere to rigorous standards of empiricism. The History channel in its current incarnation has done nothing but hurt this discipline. People get the impression that there is some manner of checks and balances that keep the information being presented complete and accurate. This is hardly the case. I am equally disappointed in most of the channels that are part of the Discovery network such as discovery and TLC. Very little science finds its way to the viewing public anymore. This may be a contributing factor to how close many places have come in this country to having such hogwash as intelligent design taught in science classrooms. I mean nothing personal when I say this Matt but I get the impression that your idea of having an open mind is flawed in some way.

I am posting a video on the subject of open mindedness. This video is not meant to reflect necessarily how I feel about your particular idea of open mindedness.



While this video deals primarily with responses to supernatural explanations the alien astronaut idea does not fall far from that tree in terms of evidence and the application of Occam's Razor.

Ok. I saw the video and I see your point; however, you still haven't disproved anything. You've merely stated that the History channel (or any other form of social media, for that matter) cannot be trusted because of misrepresentation of facts by broadcast media, and that by me claiming something is without explanation, then claiming that I can explain it, I am close-minded. Correct?


If your answer was 'yes' to the previous statement, then you have in no way singled out these ideas from the discussion of whether or not alien life may have existed in our galaxy (or whatever) in some time in the distant past, and whether it could have influenced us. All you have done is state that the History Channel's presentation is flawed, and that the History Channel's logic is flawed. However, these anomalies in our understanding still exist. I am not trying to conclude that aliens have influenced us, I am simply testing this assertion to see how well it holds up against logic of others. Who better to test in logic than other Atheists?


The fact is, though, is that we do not know for a fact how the Egyptian Pyramids were built, why other structures that are extremely similar coincidentally started to appear at the same moment in history, or why so many ancient astronomers were obsessed with Cygnus (the constellation). And while many people think that these are just coincidences, there are also a great deal of people thinking 'outside the box' about these issues.


I think you are treating this discussion as a religious debate, and this is an incorrect evaluation.


Although the assertion that aliens existed and visited us is an "out there" (pun intended! :]) -type of idea, there are several differences between this construction and religious ideas. I think everyone should take note of: 

1) I am not stating that I explicitly believe that aliens came to visit us. I am testing a possibility using a thought experiment with other Atheists. And so far, this forum has not given me any reason to not consider such a possibility.


Toby, I mean this in the least offensive way possible, but you remind of how people at the beginning of the 20th century thought that everything that needed to be invented was already invented, and that science would soon unlock the mysteries of the universe. Times have changed, and now we think we have an intimate understanding of our Earth's history. If this is so, then some of the archaeological digs of recent years totally contradict your understanding of our Earth's history. Are you then admitting that your own knowledge of Earth's history is incorrect?

2) Even if I were convinced that ancient aliens did visit and influence our civilization in the past, there is not enough evidence yet to disprove the idea. Conversely, although there is not enough evidence to directly disprove "God's" existence, we can cite many verses from many religious texts that are CLEARLY ludicrous ideas. such as: a) Moses parting the Red Sea, b) Arjuna speaking to the Lord Krishna who is incarnated in the form of a 6- armed 'God', c) Satan casting down people to Hell for their sins, ETC, ETC. As far as alien theories go, again we can't directly disprove that aliens were to exist and visit us. However, we know several things:

a) there are a great many structures that exist on Earth's landscape, and we do not know how they were constructed

b) many of these structures seem to have been designed such that they can be seen in the sky

c) many of these structures were erected around the same time 

d) many of these structures were erected on opposite ends of the world, bringing into question how this technology spread in only a few decades with out any sort of communication ability

e) all of these civilizations were astrologers and observed the motions of the Earth... how could all of these civilizations have all placed fundamental importance on several of the same constellations?

f) why do all of these civilizations have religious texts that describe 'God's' that came down 'from the heavens' to teach each civilization something or another?


If you can answer all of these questions, I would love to be proven wrong. Until then, I think that the ancient aliens theory is a radical, unequivocal theory that must be considered.   


To make something clear once more, I have started this discussion not because I am convinced that aliens exist, but that I have considered the History Channel's shows, done research on my own on the internet, and am now discussing this with my other Atheist comrades. I think you, Toby, are confusing discussion with argumentation. I have stated in this discussion an enumerable amount of times that, although it is a wacky theory, I think that the idea of aliens helping mankind is plausible. I have not stated that I EXPLICITLY "BELIEVE" (ugh, hate that word) that aliens came to visit us. 


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