Does Anybody Watch the Ancient Aliens TV Series on History Channel?

It's this show about how all of the religions in the world were speaking metaphorically about how God/s were actually extraterrestrial beings that have enslaved the human civilization, and have manipulated our genome "in their image". I'm not sure what to make of this... check this out:


What do you think???

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Nope, but I did read some amusing comments on it. The History channel has gotten more and more out there as time goes on. They're just pandering for market share, not trying to present actual factual information.
Maybe that is why they call it the "idiot box"?

You can find people with PHD's to say the most ridiculous bullshit.  


"Ancient Astronaut Theorists" Is what they call themselves ...


My father was actually attempting to use 'evidence' from that show that prove that aliens have communicated with us ... 


"Really Dad ... do you think a civilization exponentially more advanced than our own .. would want to waste it's time ... building 3 dimensional shapes with stones ... and cutting some corn fields up to make some neat looking pictures?"


Ugh ...


To think the History Channel is feeding people this nonsense is just pathetic.  


My aunt has mentioned that ghost series ... where people are in houses at night time ... walking around with pieces of fucking dumpster metal glued together - to make it look like they have sophisticated ghost detecting technology ... then they hear any sort of sounds at FULL VOLUME ... and it's like they hear 'Kkkkshhhhhhhkkkkkchhhhchchchchcchhchcchhchcchhchchchchchchchchchchchchkkkkkkkchchchchc" 


It's just static from their piece of shit instruments ... and they state it's a GHOST!  And people BELIEVE THAT STUFF!  


*Shoots himself in the head*

HAHA! I agree with you completely on the ghost stories thing. I'm not sure that stuff is anything but an attempt by hollywood to 'convert' people to watching! 


As far as your father is concerned, I dunno. I really dunno. I'm a skeptic, so we really can't rule anything out. In fact, I'd feel much more comfortable thinking that 'aliens' visited us and tampered with our DNA MUCH more so than an 'omnipotent, omni-prescient, omnipresent entity' that in actuality raped a virgin women, gave birth to himself, built up a fan club of blinded followers, killed himself, and then brought himself back to life, just to show how much he loved us. which do you think is more plausible??? Of course, these 'ancient alien theorists' are complete wack jobs. As Albert Einstein once said, "To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science". This is certainly an old problem. But if you are so sure that aliens didn't visit us, then convince me otherwise.  

"I'm a skeptic, so we really can't rule anything out."


Do you believe pink unicorns used their magical horns to cut the stones and levitate them to the building sites?  *chuckles* 


But yes, I would rather believe aliens created us in their image ... then flew away - or perhaps periodically check back on us - than believe religious stuff. 


Thank goodness there is no evidence for any of it ...... and a lot of evidence we evolved naturally.  

lol perfect.

And every damn episode they have to include Erich Von Daniken or whatever his name is, because hes a so called expert.


This has been my issue with the whole theory as well. It is possible that there was an ancient advanced alien race that came to earth, but why? What possible use could stone/bronze age humans be of to them? Is the earth just a giant game show to them like that episode of South Park?
Agreed! If you watch both videos, they talk about this ancient 'stone henge'-like structure that is 12,000 years old, and more sophisticated engineering was used than the Sumerians used in their buildings, supposedly. Also, they stated that it is extremely unlikely that our minds could have evolved so quickly as to go from nomadic-hunter-gatherers to building the pyramids and other structures at the same time. What really spooked me is how all of these pyramidal structures started appearing at the same time (Mayans, Aztecs, Egyptians, Chinese, to name a few)... I don't know. I agree completely, that this is all completely circumstantial evidence, but... you can't help but use your imagination... is mankind's history much more sophisticated and extreme then we originally imagined?

I don't know - I personally find it a lot more fascinating that beavers can build dams.  


You ever watch one of those little critters build one of those things?  It's breathtaking.  Those sort of things are found all throughout the animal kingdom.  


Humans should be no different - and when they think there is some sort of higher power that needs to be worshipped - why would they not devise ways to build really ridiculously large super structures?  


I think it's all an argument from ignorance ... I think our ancestors were far more capable of architecture and building then we give them credit for ... Just because a person was a nomad - hunter - gatherer doesn't also mean there were some geniuses among them that could figure out how to build these things - and use a shit load of slaves to get the job done.  



So are you telling me you find it absolutely UNREMARKABLE that in the VERY SHORT timespan of 3,000 years, we went from nomadic lifestyles to complex civilizations that were capable of engineering feats that we still cannot match technologically? are you aware of the fact that the pyramid walls were fashioned to a smoothness of approximately 1/1000 of an inch? You cannot get that precision using slaves. Sh*t, you can't even move 20-100 ton blocks without AT LEAST 10,000-20,000 slaves. In a population of around 1 million, it would significantly undermine the economy of the time to undertake such a project. Plus, there is no way that it is evolutionarily possible (I concur with the TV series on this one) to have such a quantum leap forward in understanding of engineering and mathematics in ONLY 3,000 years. There had to have been an outside force. No, I'm not saying there's a "God". That's bullsh*t. But what are some other possibilities? 


My point here, is that we must look past our anger towards theists, and scientifically consider all possibilities. Because if we allow our "nonbelief" to control us, we will be no better than any theists, driven by stubborn persistence to our "ideals", with no way out. As an Atheist, it is my understanding that we credit ourselves with the idea that we are not so proud to admit that we are wrong when we are clearly proven wrong (unlike theists). So... can you think of another explanation for these things? Go ahead, watch the 2 episodes.  



Let me do some quick research tomorrow ... a lot of your points revolve around a "I have NO idea how it all happened ... therefore there MUST have been some mysterious explanation ..."


I'm going to bed.  Hopefully I won't get abducted while asleep ... : P


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