Ya know, there is a lot of talk about change, but not a lot of real change happening wit people. What's up with that? To be really responsible, you got to look at your life, and your beliefs, and your expectations and assumptions, to really see what is going to work in the real world. You know, in the world you see today and in the change coming over the horizon. It's so dishonest to demand change and to expect change, when you yourself are not willing to change.


And Obama is like, “Well, I will change if other people change.” That's so dishonest. That is placing the responsibility outisde of himself.  He has to change even if other people do not change. That is your commitment to make a REAL CHANGE Obama.


Real change is a change in the way you feel about things; a change in the way you see yourself and your life. That is the real change. Otherwise, Obama is jsut going to want to keep what he has and have more. And whether his needs are authentic or not, that is his position. And we go and elect leaders to the land who we think will give us what we want even if it leads the nation to ruin.


And any leader who claims that they are a candidate of change really will have to ask people to change the way they see themselves and have a change of heart. Because that is the level at which real change takes place. To merely change one’s circumstances—to change where one works or lives, or even to changes one’s relationships, does not effect a change of heart. You can be married repeatedly and be the same person with the same expectations, the same issues, the same behaviors, the same judgments against others, the same attitudes against yourself. Here you are going through great effort to change your circumstances, thinking it is going to change your experience significantly, but there may be no change of heart here—a fundamental change in how you see yourself and others and what you value.

Without real change, Obama is entrenched in his position; he is a slave to his behaviors and his conditioning; and he tries to get along with others who are entrenched in their positions and who are enslaved to their beliefs and social conditioning. And that gives us the world we see—a world of immense personal compromise, a world of immense tension, a world that is undergoing constant stress and that is casting humanity on a path of self-destruction. Either we will destroy ourselves through escalating conflict, or we will simply use up the world’s ability to support us because real change has not happened yet for enough people.

Any Thoughts?


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Bush's "change" got us into the Iraq war with 4k troops killed and 100k+ Iraquis killed.

People are blaming Obama for the economy, even though it crashed during Bush.

It's all relative. I think he did the best that partisans would let him do.


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