When I was an early teen, the first transistor radios came out. That was my introduction to electronics. The radio was about the size of a pack of cigarettes and I listened through a single earbud. Had you told me then that electronics would allow one to take a phonecall on a phone you could keep in your pocket, my reaction would have been, "Yeah, right." Had you told me that someday there'd be electronic cigarettes, I would have thought you were really pulling my leg.

I wonder what I would have thought back then of a delivery technology Amazon is planning to use, pending government approval: package delivery by drone, guaranteeing delivery within 2 hours of the order and 1/2 hour in some cases. 

(BTW, is there going to be an extra charge for this? I wouldn't bet against it.)

Read all about it http://www.latimes.com/business/technology/la-fi-tn-amazon-prime-ai....

Here's one for anyone 40 or older here (though anyone younger is welcome to chime in): What technology exists or is possible today that you would have thought was a joke back in the day?

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While the implementation of a viable air freight delivery system is years away the use of drones for something other than killing people is a positive development. It will only work for those within a 10 mile radius of the local distribution center. So if you're an urbanite it might become an option but those of us residing in the boondocks will still need to listen for the delivery truck. 

Perhaps, for those willing to pay for the service, delivery by ballistic missile?

Remember, if you had told me in my youth that transistor radios would one day result in electronic cigarettes, I might have died laughing. I watched a Rush concert on Palladia Channel last night and about every third ad was for the Blu brand of electronic cigarette. 

Perhaps, for those willing to pay for the service, delivery by ballistic missile?

Yikes!  While undeniably fast (45 minutes or less to anywhere on the globe, since the things are basically in orbit about the earth--it just happens that perigee is below the surface of the earth), they tend to land *hard* because, well, they are traveling at a couple miles a second, or even faster for longer deliveries.  I wouldn't want a rifle bullet, weighing less than an ounce and traveling at half a mile a second, thudding into my front porch, much less a book weighing twenty times as much moving at four or five times the speed.  (That's 500 times the kinetic energy.) 

I certainly wouldn't want to be standing on the front porch waiting for the delivery!

I live in an apartment. I wonder, is the drone going to leave my package on my balcony? There is another balcony on the floor above, so that will involve some maneuvering. 

Another worry: Is this just another efficiency that will eliminate a lot of jobs?

It's almost sure to drastically cut fuel costs, since I assume the drones are powered by rechargeable batteries.

How many Elevator operators lost their job due to the invention of the button? How many switch board operators lost their job due to a computer? Technology will continue to evolve and grow, which means the jobs that are attached to it will continue to evolve, change, die out and be replaced with better ones. I'm sure that this will give rise to the personal delivery service for people who don't want their stuff delivered by machines. My future home, which I am designing will have a designated landing pad outside of my courtyard, and if I have a problem with the drones not using the designated spots and leaving me to my privacy, then I will set up an auto targeting turret with a high candle power search light on it to automatically blind the sensors on the drone should it enter my domain.

The upside of using drones: http://youtu.be/9yEl0-bCA9M

This is a TED Talk on the subject.

I was wondering about the 'devil in the details'?

'Surface to air missiles'.

'Air to ground anti-personel parcel bombing'.

'Mid-air interceptor drone wars'.

'Mid-air redirect or redaction'.

'Old lady chasing'.

'Incorrect address drunk-drone walk'.

'GPS navigation system error'.

'Hacker Joy rides'.


And last but not least:

FOX News, drone pixs of victims!

RT News, drone pixs of Fox News personel scandals.

Theist drone 'Watchtower' promotions.

Drone 'Sky Rats' manure dumping.

Murder Drone 'pithing for hire'.

Drone Environmental Impact Statements.....huuuuuuuu...


I'm waiting for assassinations or terrorism by drone.

Covered that by, 'Murder Drone 'Pithing for hire''......

This is what drone technology is for, not spying or war, but for making human lives easier. But these drones will be delivering things in the wrong place. They need to be delivering medication, water, and food to starving families in Africa.


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