I'm being straight up and honest, I think atheist are the cream of da crop in a world of theist.  I say this because I know one thing about all atheist, they can figure out B.S.  That's why I'm asking this pointed question, do you think this is racist?


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Well, I would argue that women's self esteems are damaged when people actually tell them they are worthless, helpless, and... fat maybe. Or whatever the derogatory comment may be. I don't feel threatened by supermodels (except if I'm in the same room with one... then all eyes are on her, including women's... they can be like black holes. Mostly irritating!)... but I witness a lot of severely harsh criticisms.

Actually, I subscribed to a page on Facebook (Suicide Girls). I happen to think suicide girls are beautiful and I enjoy checkin' out their tats and hair. Well, holy mother... reading the comments makes me want to cry! Sometimes the girls are not the prettiest, but you have to hand it to them for being brave enough to put their selves out there. The things everyone says (girls included) are HORRIBLE. By the way, here's a hint in case you didn't know... telling a girl you'd like to cum all over her face is NOT a compliment. Maybe it's a statement of truth, maybe some girls are into that, but I just can't imagine that building someone's confidence. "Yeah! That guy wants to cum on my face! I'm awesome!!!" Actually, I think that's totally degrading. ANYWAY... people are calling these girls just the most awful things. I can't even think of all the insults because I'm not that cruel; it just doesn't come to me!

So yeah... maybe it's not the super models making us feel like shit, it's people who actually tell us we look like shit. Females can appreciate the beauty of another female without having her self esteem lowered, but some dudes need to reign in their dickhole criticisms.

That makes a lot more sense to me than the mainstream feminist line.

Right on, Bryan B!

No. But I wouldn't mind calling it a built-in, animal prejudice that I wish more humans would be aware of in themselves, and learn to minimize.

I find that fascinating.  Of course it's racist from a non white point of view...It's like saying that tall people are more beautiful but the Koi San would disagree, however I'd bet every "scientist that agreed" was European or if not, subjected to white supremacy, like Beyonce...Fascinating..

When one group has colonized thinking by making their way of seeing the world the most legitimate, if not, the legitimate, (scientist agreed) for people outside that group, it's racism because they have the power to enforce and promote their cultural world view.

I'd bet every "scientist that agreed" was European or if not, subjected to white supremacy, like Beyonce...Fascinating..

Studies on how humans respond to facial symmetry are years old, and I think it's cool for people to understand better where some of their internal prejudices come from. It's not necessarily racist to scientifically study human preconceptions/perceptions of "beauty", or even "race" for that matter.

Are you interested at all in effectively influencing anyone responsible for the current, white, European power structures, or are you just assuming it's a lost cause? You seem to enjoy making people angry to make your points, and to hell with truly constructive dialog.

If you were a politician, I think they'd say you're "playing the race card".

I understand. I've been there, too! I see some intelligence, historical perspective, and empathy behind the anger, so I'm pretty sure there's still hope in there. Don't give up!

Phrenology comes to my mind!
Just because a stupid form of playing with numbers makes her "the most..." does not make it racism. It just proves that not all men in lab coats are scientists.

See this is why I discuss things like this on an atheist site..a theist site would never even consider my view...any how, i used this example to bring attention to how white supremacy works with one arm being racism (manifestation of white supremacy).  Regardless of what these particular "scientist" agreed upon, they formulated their agreement around a particular world view as is the case with so many "facts." 

Another reason is I'm fairly sure atheist can see how this imposition of a particular world view can influence the masses with christianity being the prime example. "The priest agreed" and the money people support while academia and media promote and a world view becomes "fact."

Peter those "scientist in the 1800's agreed" that a certain type of cranial structure was inferior (craniology) and it wasn't theirs, the scientist agreed, the money people gave money to academia to promote the idea and the people like Lapouge published in Anthro mags...

Today scientist agreed that a certain type of phenotype is the "prettiest"...If you look at the responses to my post about Colgate's phenotype, if you think about it, you can see the similarities btw now and the 1800's...

Also, it's pretty funny this science news comes from 'The Christian Post'. A bit ironic.

D...you know when I went on the net to get this article because I didn't want to paste it from my email, this was the one with the better graphic headlines.  I revisited it about an hour later and saw it was from the xtian news...Now YOU thought it ironic..i laughed my ass off..the most closed minded people on the planet and I picked their paper to make my point..

While I basically agree with you that there's no evidence of a racial bias, we don't know a lot about how the research was done. Did they consider people of all races? Clearly they didn't consider everyone in the world (I know they didn't consider me!). Also, only the article writer used the word "pretty" at all. At least in the article, the researchers were looking for perfect, not pretty. Isn't it possible we'd find a less perfect face prettier than a perfect one? I know I'm often attracted to women whose faces display some sort of cute flaw, like a crooked smile or a gap in the upper front teeth. Some people even regard freckles as a flaw (I certainly don't), so I wonder how something like that was handled?


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