Do you think they fear that we do have the upper hand when it comes to logic and maybe in the back of their minds they know we are right and can't look that fact in the eye?    Do we stir up the guilt they are already suppressing anyway?  

I think they really see us as a threat to their way of life and I really think the ugly stuff is just beginning.  Its going to get worse as our numbers go up and theirs go down.   I can almost feel the tension when I see the Orielly's and Beck's on the news having hissy fits about something a non-theist might do or say.  Just the fact that Obama dared to include non-believers in his speech caused an uproar.  They have so far been pretending we don't exist, but are faced to acknowledge our existence and this, I think, is starting to frighten them.

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It's interesting, I met this hardcore christian girl the other day online my age. I've talked to her for atleast 10 hours total. I normally wouldn't care if she was christian except that she's also practicing abstadence(I don't know how to spell it.) Anyway, she says she doesn't want to marry. She's supressing these urges such as when she "looks" at anything pornographic even if it's just a nude part of a body she gets "wet". I feel sort of sorry for her as she's missing out on alot of life and thinks she doesn't need that part of her life. She also holds the ground that the bible is "scientifically correct".

I always believed that it comes from fear, but if they feared it so much that would mean they would still need to believe in it somewhat or think theres that "0.000000001" chance that its possible. Or that they don't want to believe that what they've believed so long and have based their morals around will come crashing down if they become atheist. But then I think about this girl and how if she did become Atheist the "morals" and such that she believes in would come crashing down but would benefit her. I assume it's peer pressure (Family etc) that is stopping her from becoming Atheist.

So in all I also believe it could be them no wanting to let down their family or friends(less likely) by becoming Atheist.

I just wonder how far they will go when they're already trying to get it taught in schools but hopefully it stays them trying and not achieving that goal. I personally wouldn't be able to cope with knowing that kids are learning about creationism over evolution and people actually think that it has any sort of value to society as a whole.

She is deluded.

She is trading her life lived in this thing called reality for another lie, imagined by others. Sad.

Most people believe it because of the motivators ( positive, negative ). Look down at my post. Those are what keeps the 'faith' alive. Too bad god rewards you for your hard work when you die. Bad moment to get your payment.

So in all I also believe it could be them no wanting to let down their family or friends(less likely) by becoming Atheist.
Yes. Social punishment, that marginalizes you from your theist friends/family, is a major stopper. I had to face it and it was the hardest thing, once I saw through my delusion. It was worth it.

Creationism is just the engine of the faith. Believers feel very happy when other people are of the same opinion with them. Aspect of the pack.
We are threatening what's holy to them.They just want to be left alone in their delusion..they have been taught in churches,homes to affirm it's see it everywhere they just make it official that it's true and they just trow out the same foolish meaningless questions everywhere like a verbal diarrhea..I think they feel that we are rebellious and out of control we don't have self restrained or something..I really hope Obama is an atheist..i have a hard time believing Obama sincerely believe in a personal God the god from the bible.Yea you can feel the tension everywhere really..not just in America even where im from(Norway)..Interesting to see the evolution!
When an idea is not supported by any valid evidence, that forms genuine trust, it is up to them to have faith in it. Cognitive dissonance is created inside his mind. The evidence does not support the concept. Atheists are just the best at pointing out the obvious.

A believer doesn't like when someone is ruining their personal world into pieces.

Also, a lot of unjustified fear motivators ( hell, devil, end of the world, death, non-existence/oblivion, pain ) and unjustified positive ( infinite life after death, infinite love, infinite pleasures, perfection, infinite time, infinity ). Those are unjustified because they are on 'debt'. You have to get them when you die. Whoops. A bad time to receive your reward isn't it?


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