Do you think they fear that we do have the upper hand when it comes to logic and maybe in the back of their minds they know we are right and can't look that fact in the eye?    Do we stir up the guilt they are already suppressing anyway?  

I think they really see us as a threat to their way of life and I really think the ugly stuff is just beginning.  Its going to get worse as our numbers go up and theirs go down.   I can almost feel the tension when I see the Orielly's and Beck's on the news having hissy fits about something a non-theist might do or say.  Just the fact that Obama dared to include non-believers in his speech caused an uproar.  They have so far been pretending we don't exist, but are faced to acknowledge our existence and this, I think, is starting to frighten them.

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I think it has more to do with what religion teaches of us. We are fools that can not see the obvious truth and have no reason not to rape and kill.

I also think that it could be because so many think the same as us that do not admit it. This is similar to how closeted men make fun of open gays.
Depends on the theist. If they're muslim, they are supposed to hate everyone who is not muslim, so they hate us because we are not muslim and their allah told them too. If they're christianists, I'd have to argue they don't believe, or they are not living their beliefs, which is hypocrisy, which causes guilt which manifests through hostility to us, like Greg says about closeted gays making fun of gays. I don't know why jews hate, oh yeah, cuz their god hates everyone who isn't jew, which is why he killed over 2 million non jews in the old testament. Theists hate because that is what they are taught, insidiously through the guise of being loving. Fish swim, birds fly, theists hate those who don't believe their beliefs, and we just want to live this glorious life.
I get the impression that the religious, when argued with, get frustrated because we can actually bring forth arguments, and back up whatever we say. They cannot. I honestly think they resent the fact that we can do that. No matter how deep their faith, they MUST know, surely, that their position is irrational?
I think you're right Andy. You cannot rationalize the irrational right? They know it too... it's a universal truth. Think you're on to something there!
I used to be extremely religious. I went to church four times a week and was even considering bible school for theology. I read the bible every day and prayed every chance I got but I never believed any of it. I know that sounds odd, but it is the truth. I wanted there to be a god and i still want there to be one, but I know it isn't so.

I use to have such a front of hatred for people who were openly atheist. Sometimes I would debate them just to try and convince myself of my own beliefs. I hated them because they were free, free of the rules of the church and free to think and do what they knew was right not what they were told was acceptable.

Now I can't speak for all theists but that was my experience. I'm sure someone out there is the same as I was.
of course. I think everything they beleive is inspired by fear.
The problem with voting for secular laws is that you are up against a very large religious majority. There will always be a strong opposition to laws, or legislation as they have a far better organization against these things.
religion and its followers dont like opposing views. All ya have to say is I dont believe as you do...never use the word atheist and some theist will come against you.
it should be noted though that there are lots of liberal theists that do not hate us and are pretty cool guys.
I must be lucky. I know lots of people who are believers, and they don't hate me.
I do not hate theists. I hate their ideologies, and I have no problems telling them that they are fucked.

God is the final Santa Claus to kick to get to the truth.

I think for theists it's the same way. They don't have problems with individual people, but they will curse "atheism" as worthy of going to hell. And they want to have a theocratic government to suppress free thought, because they're not capable of free thought. The moderates, the liberal theists, will be the first ones to go after the atheists, in such a state. Just look at the Sufis in the Middle East as a prime example.
I think it comes down to a defense mechanism. Basically, the suggestion that they might be wrong, no matter where it comes from, imparts a degree of cognitive dissonance that must be resolved. Resolving that cognitive dissonance rationally is a very bad strategy for keeping one's faith, so the various religions of the world have over time developed a series of irrational defenses to resolve this dissonance. A very common one is demonization of everybody not in the religion. If they're evil, they shouldn't be listened to. Their motives are nefarious and they can't be trusted. And thus the religious mind is able to close itself from worrying about any other ideas.


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