When watching debates and interviews with atheists i always agree with them. However they tend to say that if you believe in god(s) you are stupid or that religion is "idiotic". Now i certainly agree that religion can be harmful, religious institutions are not always a force for good. But telling someone of faith so bluntly that they are wrong and in such a harsh way, surely that would only distance them from the idea of becoming non-religious or atheist. There are intelligent people who are theist and everyone has had moments in their life were an all knowing, kindly and loving god looks quite appeasing. Maybe instead of insulting them we should show that we understand where they are coming from and that we see their point, and slip in words like "however you must admit that..." or "the evidence is overwhelming..." so that it doesn't seem as though we see ourselves as being on some sort of higher ground. Then maybe they would be more comfortable and more open to new ways of thinking and ideas rather then being angry and constantly being on the defense or attacking.

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That's like saying we shouldn't use the word polygamy because the people who practice polygamy may not like the negative baggage the word has.
If you think the guy is gay but find out he has a girlfriend you might think to yourself 'Oh.... he's straight."

No such a thing as "self- explanatory"  No such a thing as "common sense" so yes, please explain and make explicit with footnotes and references. Maybe I (we) are stupid- but I need something more than your once again "feel a need".

Not being sarcastic- please explain -


gay people don't like their relationships being referred to as "homosexuality".   It's an old-fashioned, clinical term, belongs in the 19th century, best leave it there.


First time I ever heard that complaint, but then again, I don't get out much.

That was almost exactly what I was thinking when I read it
I'm with you on this one... I know many gay people and live in an extremely gay friendly area and have never heard of any gay person not liking the term homosexual as a description of the type of relationship they have. In fact I actively hear the gay people I am around use the term.
When I say I know gay people that implies that I actually talk to them and I have talked to them about the word homosexuality and all the gay people I know would probably roll their eyes at you and say your being a little ridiculous. And frankly I don't care how a term was originally used I care how it is being used now and the context in which is is being used. If you are a male in a relationship with another male then your relationship is homosexual. If you are a female in a relationship with a male then your relationship is heterosexual... but let me guess the word heterosexual is outdated too.
Hi Jared. I just stumbled upon your response to my post. I've never had anyone point this out to me before, but now that I'm aware I'll correct this in the future. Thanks.
Believers will come to me. The rest will burn in hell. That makes believers the smart ones. The rest are fools!
Well, if you equate deluded with stupid, then I guess, for me at least, yes theist are stupid.

Not all theists are stupid and not all atheists are smart sure.

But research does show that atheists on overall are smarter, perhaps because they are curious and want to know both sides of an argument before coming to a conclusion.

A fellow atheist posted this movie .

So yes, sometimes it's hard not to view theists as dumb.

And this link is a case in point, a christian wanting to ban Fahrenheit 451 because it has the burning of a bible in it, even though the overall theme of the book is that banning and burning books is very damaging to a society, it's the irony of ironies.


I guess when it comes to religion some religious smart people have a blind spot, probably because of upbringing.

Is'nt it funny that atheists are more knowledgable about the bible then the average believer ?

Imo being a believer stops people from exploring different viewpoints, and thats why they will get left behind while the rest of us move on.


"Faith does not give you the answers, it just stops you asking the questions. – Frater Ravus"

"The inspiration of the bible depends on the ignorance of the person who reads it. – Robert G. Ingersoll"

It is perhaps useful to keep in mind always that intelligence, erudition and gullibility belong to three different categories.


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