When watching debates and interviews with atheists i always agree with them. However they tend to say that if you believe in god(s) you are stupid or that religion is "idiotic". Now i certainly agree that religion can be harmful, religious institutions are not always a force for good. But telling someone of faith so bluntly that they are wrong and in such a harsh way, surely that would only distance them from the idea of becoming non-religious or atheist. There are intelligent people who are theist and everyone has had moments in their life were an all knowing, kindly and loving god looks quite appeasing. Maybe instead of insulting them we should show that we understand where they are coming from and that we see their point, and slip in words like "however you must admit that..." or "the evidence is overwhelming..." so that it doesn't seem as though we see ourselves as being on some sort of higher ground. Then maybe they would be more comfortable and more open to new ways of thinking and ideas rather then being angry and constantly being on the defense or attacking.

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The big lie?

Here are some sites which educated you:




To use Socrates's analogy; you should get out of the cave!

Internet will not allow me to fix my typo! 

"Here are some sites which may help you:"


I do not mean 'educate' as I am sure you a very educated person.

Believe your little heart out.  I am not burdened by your cheap little superstitions.  I will never need the garbage you are peddling.


Obviously,  you are NOT an educated person.

You give atheists a bad name!
Thank you!  It's a gift!



I know that YOUR life would be a lot simpler if I cared what you thought of me.  I could give a shit.

One word emotionalism.  I saw this on a televised crusade one time. 

Anachro1 says,

There is no "rational argument" for your ignorance

No deluded jewish asshole died for MY sins, get it?


Gee I wonder why someone wouldn't listen to YOUR rational argument.  You may want to consider counseling to deal with these issues.


Feel better, sweetie?

Fundamentalists, evangelicals, and hateful, judgmental religious "people" are f'ing stupid and deserve contempt for all the ignorance they inflict on children and the world.


Religious people who keep it to themselves and can think beyond their ideology may just be ignorant, but I don't view their beliefs with contempt. I may even respect them in other areas of their lives, such as their professional life.


There are no theist views I respect.

Sunday I have met for the first time a couple of young creationists (25 Years old) belonging to a proup of "orthodox christians".
They weren't stupid in the sense of a lack of intelligence but completely under a delusion. After a senseless "discussion" I have recommended them to go to a psychatrist in order to get helped...
All people ignoring scientific knowledge and believing in non-existing power called god should undertake a mental detoxification..



 And WE have to be brave enough to say I will not allow your useless crap anywhere near MY life.

"stupid" [...] I guess... if you are referring to intelligence, then no... they are no more likely to be stupid. However, perhaps the better word would be "self-blindfolded." They refuse to know the truth.... because they are afraid of it.


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