Do you think that it should be legal for parents to use prayer as a method of healing to their children?

I recently read an article on a mother who relied on prayer to try and heal her now dead child. Do you guys think prayer should be allowed as an option? This is open to everybody, so please keep it civil.

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I like this comment - I never thought about it like this before!  

if prayer is the only course of action you are taking, you are literally doing nothing and should be charged with medical neglect.
Th problem with this line of reasoning is that with a mortgage, all that matters is whether the payment was made, not whether it was attempted, whereas with medical treatment, since outcomes cannot be assured, one can only insist that it is tried.

As long as it is used as well as conventional medicine I see no harm in it.


But if mumbojumbo (including silly remedies like homoeopathy, exorcism, sacrificing a pig etc) is used INSTEAD of conventional medicine then the person that caused this should be held responsible for the outcome based on the local legislation for child neglect / murder.

No. No. No. NO. No. HELL NO!


If you want to pray, that's fine and dandy, but for the love of Basement Cat, get the kid proper medical attention!

Sure, it certainly can't hurt, but ONLY if it's used as a supplement to proper health care, not as a replacement.


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