Do you think Children should be able to make their own decisions on Religion?

I am an Atheist mother, but I believe that my children should make their own final decision. I try not to influence them in any way. They know that I do not believe in a “higher power”, but I tell them that when they are old enough that they need to make their own decision on what they choose to believe. I just want to know what other people think about this. I get question from my children on who God is, and I just don’t know how to respond sometimes without influencing them in one way or another….

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Thank you. I just got done watching the video and it was very helpful. I liked the way that he approached the questions his kids had, and I do similar with my children. I always let them ask the questions an try and figure out the answers for themselves.

so glad you found it useful, as I read your post it sprang to mind as I had watched it a few weeks earlier.

Great video.

I believed what my parents told me, then, later, with access to other resources, I made my own decisions.

But my parents always told me that their beliefs were there own and were not dogmatic. I was encouraged to decide for myself what was believable and what was unbelievable.

Raising Atheist Children in a God-Obsessed Culture

Interesting article, related to this thread...


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