Do you think Battlestar Galactica (2004-2009) is a good social commentary on religion's effect on society

If you read into the back story of BSG & Caprica. It's almost like the monotheistic belief is based on Christianity and the polythiestic faith "Lords of Kobol" is partially based on paganism combined with Greek Mythology. And its almost as if the Cylons are Christians trying to conqor the "Kobol" believers who are the Pagans. 

After watching Caprica you learn that the monotheistic belief in which the Cylons share actually started of as a cult among a small human terrorist organization on Geminon 

So what do you think, does this sound anything like the troubles we have with religion in real life? 

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I just started watching it about a week ago. I'm in season 3 right now and I swear I was thinking the same exact thing!

You should watch Caprica when you're done. It only has one season, but really great insight to the back story

I hope it's on netflix!

It is.

Awesome! I'm looking for more nerdy scifi stuff to watch. Any more suggestions?

Firefly. It is also on netflix.

I watched that right before I started Battlestar haha

Me personally, I find it funny that the Cylons would even bother with religion.

They were indoctrinated by a cult before the Cylon Holocaust. You might say that the religious ideology forced upon them corrupted their programming. 

This came in from twitter about this post:

I think Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is the ultimate social commentary on religion's effect on society.

Totally. I felt the same way. "Star Trek" society sound great without the supersticious hoopla. 

I've watched the entire series and the movies. I would say it is more complicated than that. The series intentionally places the viewers (the predominantly christian audience of the US) on the receiving end of brutal monotheistic fanaticism. In doing so, this series exposed the ugliness of the religiously motivated actions of christians on subjects ranging from law to foreign policy... even down to individual relationships. This series does not reflect the inherent flaws in religion. The "angels" that appear to some characters do benefit them. The visions are never false. It does however detail the negative ways religion can, has, and is used to this day with analogues directly taken out of the current political climate of the time.


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