If you really think about it there are fanatics on both sides. Religion is really only

a group of people believing in a certain way. Atheism to me is the same way

my beliefs and the right to them. I like to live my life with my own beliefs

so I do not begrudge anyone else in their beliefs.

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This question is an odd question to me and I don't get it. Atheism is not a belief. It's only a term used to say " I don't believe YOUR bulls*!t. It's simply a lack of belief. It's like asking "do you think disbelief in santa clause is a religion in itself"? Most people don't believe in elves, but the reason that belief is not so contested is the lack of opposing beliefs. Atheists have many opponents willing to tell you that your views are wrong or you are going to pay some tragic and horrific price for your beliefs. This mess about it being a religion or belief system instead of a lack of belief is just a lack of understanding of the term. Religion is a structured belief system. Do you think your beliefs and mine match closely enough to be a system? Not only is it not a religion, it's not even a belief.

I prefer the simple route:


I define atheism as a lack of religion.


I like to compare it to Light and Dark.  Darkness is the absence of light.  There isn't anything that is innately Dark, it's just missing light.

thats one hell of an analogy :D

Sooo... We're the Dark Side now? Really? Sure that's the analogy you want. ;)

May the (mass*acceleration) be with you.

I saw this as a member's signature on The Thinking Atheist Forum:


Atheism is a religion like off is a television channel.


Sorry, but I don't recall the forum member's name right now.

I love that.
Great analogy.  I wish I had written that.

Another good one:  if atheism is a religion, then not collecting stamps is a hobby.


"I like to live my life with my own beliefs so I do not begrudge anyone else in their beliefs" - This does, in a lot of ways, explain your question.


I don't believe in any Religion. Religion is just a SET OF BELIEFS said to be laid down by ONE to preach people on a set of moralities and standard of life. People who go by these principles and live their life according to the book will be rewarded and those don't will be treated accordingly. The irony is are these so-called believers really living by the book? I bet this is something, that has always crossed a believer's mind.


Drawing my point from the above para, Atheism is NO religion. Its more of a position arrived at by reason. Not just by any vague description or some scriptures that preach so. Quoting Sam Harris, its a destruction of ideas. I see it as total freedom of Expression and coming out of FEAR.


I don't believe in shoving anything down anyone's throat.

I don't think Atheism is a religion itself... Atheism means "the rejection of beleif in the existance of a deity or deities." (among other slightly modified definitions) 


Say Atheism WAS a religion in of itself:

Since Christians (and other religions) reject any other diety other than their own, wouldn't that technically mean that they carry TWO religions? One religion being that they beleive in THEIR god and the other one rejecting OTHER (and to them, "false") gods? 


I'm not entirely sure if that answered the question, but that is my reply.

"Say Atheism WAS a religion in of itself"

We shouldn't progress down this path of argumentation because it's defeataism at its utmost. You are saying that "say there's something which is real which isn't really real". It's like you don't want to admit that you truly are an atheist. That must necessitate something else than reality having an impact, which necessitates the study of something else than realism. Realism is a belief in what we can observe (science). Insanity is a belief in what we cannot observe (pseudoscience). Let's not legitimize the latter by tarnishing the former, we don't need to needlessly defend it.

Ah I see your point. To be honest, I was refering to a comic I had read earlier today which made a good point (and a slight chuckle)




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