Do you really understand and accept death? Your death?

People have a funny way of talking about death. This is true even of people who don't believe in an afterlife or soul. Many seem to talk and think of death as something they'll experience.

I often say, "Dying is an experience. Death is not."

Why not? Because you will be gone. Completely and totally at an end. You'll have become nothing. Even nothingness has a kind of existence. Even the void will have a kind of existence, but you will not. You won't know you're gone more you.

You won't be seeing blackness. You'll be gone.


Instead of simply saying "I'll die," can you say "I'll stop existing. I won't know I'm dead because my existence will be at an end. Forever. I'll be gone and I won't know I'm gone because there will be no 'I' to know anything." 

Even the memories of me will be gone because the people holding those memories will themselves be gone.

Eventually everything will be gone.


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I work in the death care industry. I talk about death everyday. It has become....

It's not death that scares me, but how and when I die that bothers me. Is it tomorrow or will I off in my sleep tonight. 

And I have bad news for you. Mostly, people found dead in bed died after a painful heart attack or stroke or inability to breathe.

At least a diabetic like me might simply slowly run out of "gas" and slowly shut down while they remain unconscious, but most bed deaths aren't really as nice and calm as we like to think.

My father's death was horrific and dragged on for about four days during which he basically turned into a child psychologically and was in unbearable pain.

I hope that isn't what awaits me.

BTW, the death of hypoglycemic shock an insulin-dependent diabetic like me can suffer is almost identical to a drug overdose. Just a painless, unconscious, running out of the energy needed to maintain life. Slowing down until coming to a full stop.

In that case, I hope it is quick and painless if possible, but quick all the same

Thats a very good mini essay Unsen. Its a pillar of humanism, accepting that you will die ad not exist anymore. Its essential if you wish to live an authentic life. Make footprints...not dream about a fantasy afterwords. We do leave a lot of footprints (memories, moral values you've shared with others, creations, physical mementos, the trillions of decisions whose effects have reverberations across the entire galaxy). That's better than forced to exist for eternity (yuck).

I'm a little more extreme in that I think we should ALWAYS be prepared for death and that no one but ourselves should be allowed to determine how we go (if possible). Anti euthanasia and assisted suicide laws are extremely immoral and help perpetuate not accepting death.

I have no problem with the fact that I am mortal. I expect to have less than 40 years to live, in reality more like 25 years with a few more if I am lucky. It could be today and if it is I will not know about it. I don’t care how I die but would prefer, like everyone else, not to endure a disabling illness. I would like to have enough time to be aware of the process so I can smile to myself saying “This is it”. I know that will be my last experience and I am happy with that.

Not that that will matter to anyone. Sometimes I watch an old movie and think “All those actors are now dead”. They all lived before I existed and maybe we co-existed for a time too. It is said that being dead will be like what it was like before we were alive. I get that insofar as it can be understood but death is not “like” anything. Both scenarios are impossible to imagine even if you understand the sentiment.

At some point as I aged my mortality became more “real” to me. I had to spend time considering it and maybe the process is not over. But I am contend with the fact that it is inevitable. Not because I have become resigned to the idea, it is just that I does not bother me. I was lucky enough to win the lottery of life and be born in the first place and have lived long enough to be able to see the beauty of life in a meaningless Universe. I give my life whatever meaning I want even though, in the long run, it does not matter. I will enjoy it for as long as I can. Of course it could be that I will live forever…….I mean so far so good ??

 I was walking on a sandy beach recently and saw a 5 year old wearing a t-shirt that read “I’m gonna need more buckets!” so I am off to get my bucket and spade to build my own sandcastles while I can. Party on!

Energy changes shape but is never lost. The energy from stars that explode will be used to make other things. When your body gives up its energy (you) it will become something else.


Exactly. The amount of energy that your dead body gives off is insignificant compared to the energy you took in and converted into heat or work during a long life. You ate truckloads of food over your life, burned tons of fuel to keep moving and lit up...and you leave 160 lbs. of low grade body parts.

Are you claiming the energy of our bodies somehow survives brain death and supernovae and form part of something else...or do you mean the cold building blocks of our body disperse and individual atoms spread out and become parts of billions of other objects with no residue of the conscious being who died?


I mean the first part, according to the law of energy.

The something is the oneness of all the energy in the universe


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