Just this new commercial "Child of the 90s". Boy does time go by fast or what. Now that I am all grown up, it seems the best times in life were most from my childhood. It would be pretty awesome to take a time machine and go back to the past and see yourself from the outside in. One thing for sure, life was so simple and innocent back then.


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lol yea I know what you mean. Things were worry free back then. Lot of concepts, hatred, violence, racism, discrimination and other negative things were not really known. Most of the time we all just wanted to go play outside in the playground without our friends and all

NO!!!! In my mid-30s a friend asked if I wanted to live my life over. "Without the first 25 years, yes."

I enjoyed happy times with neighborhood kids. I feared and hated the violence at home and grew up angry. The government sent me to the Korean War. I returned, started college, and threw my parents and their Catholicism from my life. I later settled with my parents, who'd meant well but who themselves had known violence. I finished college, found work I liked that paid well, and had a short, happy marriage. In the 1970s I achieved recognition in politics. I'm now enjoying a most happy retirement, laughing when I tell people I had PTSD before I went to a war. I'm in my early 80s and in good health. S'wonderful!!!

Someday, the law will see what happens in Catholic schools and maybe all religious schools as child abuse.

Nooooo. But I'd do it again if I could retain my knowledge of what would be to come.

Also so I could watch Captain Planet. And wear rad pants with squiggly colors. And so I could use the word "rad." And "jawsome" for some reason.

Nope, not one bit.

Nope, my childhood was the worse time of my life.

dang why? If you don't mind me asking.

I had a neglectful and emotionally (possibly sexually) abusive biological father and I was clearly gay but under the impression there must be something wrong with that. I couldn't tell my friends and they couldn't understand.

wow sorry to hear that. Hopefully everything is working out for you now

He died when I was 8, and I came out when I was 15. Things have been much better.

Nope, not in the least. My parents were self absorbed narscistic individuals who should never have been allowed to reproduce. I left home to go into officer school and the day i did both they and I were much happier for it. Happily two years later I met a woman who showed me how families should function so that I am equiped to help our children have happy childhoods. Re live my own, NEVER

Military Officer or Police Officer?

Koninklijke Landmacht, Adam.


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