So this is a little weird even typing this out but here we go! I have a friend that tells me she loves it when her boyfriend cums in her. Me personally, I just do not see the appeal of getting chummed inside of. Perhaps this is because I have zero desire to have a child. Also, I have a medical issue that gives me a minimal chance of ever having a child.

I am more curious to your responses and that is why I am asking here. 

So I pose the question. What is going through your head when you say to your guy, "cum in me!"? Even if your on birth control. Which my friend is on by the way. 

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Very delicately expressed, Judith! In a word, I think the answer to your question is "yes" :-)

An orgasm is an orgasm is an orgasm - no matter who or how. I prefer my bloke ejaculate inside, as it makes the whole process last longer, and more complete.

Now on Sale at Ikea - Lesbian Beds - No nuts or screwing is needed :)

How about a nut with a loose screw?

If you are a bloke, you fit the criteria.

First of all I never say come in me. I don't talk much. I might laugh a bit.

I love to feel him coming inside me. It's almost like having an orgasm myself only better because I know I've pleased him. I love that feeling.

For me, that is the norm. I am in control of the sex, and how and when it happens, therefore didn't have to say cum in or out - my choice. I was in control of pregnancy via the pill and IUD. You have zero interest in having a child, I think that has a lot to do with it. Each to her own - whatever suits you. That is the fun of being a woman. A bloke doesn't care how or where, as long as he does. Blokes are so easy to please.

Another interesting side event, if one person in the partnership needs an organ transplant  it makes it easier for the other partner to donate, because they have been sharing bodily fluids, in my case for years :D

It has always turned me on. Normally in the beginning of a relationship(the worst time to want it!) when things are so hot and heavy. But after a while it wears off and I don't like the risk, or the mess. It makes me feel so wanton and womanly. Throwing all caution to wind, and what have you. Thank goodness for Plan B!

I think I'll pass on this one, due to the whole relevancy issue --

Mouth and rectum included?

I thought it had been strangely, pleasantly, quiet lately for some reason - nice to unsee you --

@Unseen - Mouth and rectum included?

Mouth, sometimes called a blow job, is a misnomer - it is in actual fact, a suck job - which comes in handy if one doesn't want to get undressed, and can be over in 14 seconds flat, so, as far as time wise is concerned, it is very time efficient, but does nothing for the female, except doesn't muss her hairstyle. it is for the receiving partner.

Men who get caught with a prostitute getting a 'Mouth Job' as was Kurt Russell and Hugh Grant, really felt as if it wasn't sex, and it wasn't cheating. But their partners really had a differing view - funny that.

Rectum - this is used when countries and religions must have a technical 'virgin', and don't consider this as sex - when in actual fact, it really, really is. If you can't do it in front of your mother, it is probably called 'sex'. Catholics, as in Greece,  muslims, schoolkids use this method, as it is either not considered as 'sex', or as a birth control, or for the bloke to be able to say, he married a 'virgin', also countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, where men use anal sex with men as non-homosexual, just sex, as the women are kept in strict control, and are never able to travel, only with a chaperone etc. All the woman needs is some chicken blood to throw around on the sheet, and it is all good.

Men may brag about doing this, when in actual fact, it is rarely achieved in western adult countries, as most women would tell you to 'bugger off'. As Meatloaf said, I will do anything for love, but I won't do that. Some women might actually enjoy it,  just very few. It is used as a way to avoid pregnancy, and school girls tolerate it, can you believe this,  to "Please' the bloke', but actually gets nothing from it, except to get known as a slut.

Vaginal and clitoris are the ways and means for an orgasm for the female - anything else is either for the man, or in his fantasies.


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