Question: How many of us still own a bible?

At work I found, to my chagrin, that I still keep my bible in my locker.

I was having a conversation with a theist, about things that didn't involve religion, and some how he steered it towards how he often reads his bible. I keep a track in my bible, as a book mark, and I started thinking about the contents of the track. For instance: "Do you feel sad?"… read Mathew chapter 5:11 (not the actual wording but…). I always kept the track as a mind fuck for me. I'd say that the bible gave me a road map to how to live my life; as long as I adhered to that little pamphlet that I acquired somewhere in my travels. What bullshit.

When I get to work today I'm giving that guy that bible… What's an Atheist need with a bible? what am I trying to hold on to? Think this is subliminal? Am I trying to hold on to the last visages of my failed stabbed at religion? Yep, started questioning my new found unbelief...

Can't bring myself to throw it away. Don't know why. Guess I still look at the damn thing as something personal, something of value; despite the fact that I think it's all bullshit. I've had it for so long and it's followed me clear around the world and back that I just don't want to just shit can it. But giving it to another human being just don't seem right to my atheist ass… LOL. Quandary.

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"A thorough reading and understanding of the Bible is the surest path to atheism."
-- Donald Morgan --

"Properly read, the Bible is the most potent force for atheism ever conceived."
-- Issac Asimov --

"'Scrutumini scripturas'
('Let us examine the scriptures')
These two words have undone the world."
-- John Selden --

Thanks for the quotes! :)

mind opening qoutes indeed! Obrigado Archaeopteryx!

¡Seja bem-vindo!

I have a paperback on my desk and a pdf version somewhere in my hard drive and I see no problem with having it especially since I sometimes need to refer to it.

I still have my three copies of the Chemical Rubber Company Manual, 1909,1913, 1970. My 1909 copy I keep in a plastic ziplock bag to hold the horribly great smell of a high school pyrolysis experiment extracting tars and nicotine from tobacco. Brings back memories of a health class when the teacher accidently lossed a small quantity on a class room floor!

In my health class, the teacher lit a cigarette and burned it in the open air until enough of the tar had been collected in a plastic "lung." We were suppossed to be too horrified to ever smoke. We might as well have been smoking while the experiment ran, for all the smoke in the room. 

It is often said that there's none worse than a reformed smoker, a reformed drunk or stoner and certainly no personality worse than a reformed sinner, provided that is if one accepts the concept of "sin", which I don't.

I reply that I never drank much at any time, because beginning from high school watching from behind my drums I watched too many inebriated folks who thought they were having a good time until morning, and I tossed cigarettes away on Oct. 16, 1975 and that what the hell, two out of three ain't half bad.

In my attempt to be 'socialized', I tried just about everything to try and be a 'normal' member of society. Of course 'normal' depends on where you are, not so much who you are. Many behaviors promoted don't work really.

My slogan for the soon to be 7-decades I've roamed, tromped and stomped over Earth's surface, my slogan has always been "Why be normal"?  Some members of society, especially the upper reached thereof, always seem think that have the personal responsibility/power to define "normal".  My response has always been "fuckem"!

@Ken Hughes,

"Why be normal?"

The majority of Americans think they're above average.

"My response has always been "fuckem"!"

Me too.

I'd recommend tossing it out becuase it seems to mean more to you than you want it to. Buy a new one if you need it for reference purposes. I got rid of my personal bibles to save space...and since then I haven't had any trouble getting ahold of 'the word' when I need to. 


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