Question: How many of us still own a bible?

At work I found, to my chagrin, that I still keep my bible in my locker.

I was having a conversation with a theist, about things that didn't involve religion, and some how he steered it towards how he often reads his bible. I keep a track in my bible, as a book mark, and I started thinking about the contents of the track. For instance: "Do you feel sad?"… read Mathew chapter 5:11 (not the actual wording but…). I always kept the track as a mind fuck for me. I'd say that the bible gave me a road map to how to live my life; as long as I adhered to that little pamphlet that I acquired somewhere in my travels. What bullshit.

When I get to work today I'm giving that guy that bible… What's an Atheist need with a bible? what am I trying to hold on to? Think this is subliminal? Am I trying to hold on to the last visages of my failed stabbed at religion? Yep, started questioning my new found unbelief...

Can't bring myself to throw it away. Don't know why. Guess I still look at the damn thing as something personal, something of value; despite the fact that I think it's all bullshit. I've had it for so long and it's followed me clear around the world and back that I just don't want to just shit can it. But giving it to another human being just don't seem right to my atheist ass… LOL. Quandary.

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The REAL question should be, how would Harry Potter feel, being stuck next to the Bible?

You know, one thing I could never figure out was whether the characters in Harry Potter were religious or not.  Or if there was a wizard version of religion in there.  After all, there was the whole thing about ghosts not being the person, but an imprint of them or something like that.

To the internet!

Sometimes I find some statement in a book I am reading that makes some claim about a bible verse, or content. Some times it is interesting, other times just more of the same.

Here is one funny thing that was asserted in book I am reading, 'The Prodigal God'. Page 91, "Jesus knew the Bible thoroughly..."

I am a little thin on this point, but expect that the 'bible' in its present form did not exist during the asserted time of Christ/Jesus. What he could have had available to him, might not have even been writen down for study. Any ideas on this point? 



He would have had the Torah (the first five books), James, which, by that time, would have been available in both Hebrew and Greek, but the Tanakh (the entire Jewish Old Testament, aka the Masoretic text) wasn't fully combined until about 200 CE. This is not to say that there were not individual Old Testament books floating around, e.g., those books involving the various prophets, were codified around 200 BCE, but they had not yet been combined into the Tanakh.

There would have been a religious mandate for every young Jewish boy to learn the Torah, but not necessarily any other books. You also have to consider that this was a kid (if he ever existed) from the backwoods of Palestine, who more than likely could not even read.

I have at least 2 bibles, a book or mormon, and a koran.  I got them years ago.  One bible was a KJV that I got as a child while still attending church, the other is a copy of the Oxford Study Edition that I got as a university student for a class  in which we read it as a source of literary influence.  The book of mormon I got from a couple of hot female mormon missionaries who came to my house once.  The koran I bought to read out of curiosity. 

There are differences between keeping it for times of inspiration, desperation, cultural compliance and popularity, or studying its relation to human behavior, cultural history, and myth. That said, I'm more into the digital versions.

I have a Bible in my Android tablet, just in case I want to look up a passage when I'm away from an Internet connection (my tablet is wifi only). I put it there consciously. I don't think I ever actually owned a Bible even when I was young and religious. However, my family had one.

I have the KJV, the NIV from the Jehovah Witnesses and The Book of Mormon.  When the J.W.’s call I leave the Book of Mormon on the table and vice versa. The looks of disgust can be priceless. Usually they launch into attacking the other “cult” for not being “real Christians”. When Christians call I leave the KJV visible. I like to pick it up and start discussions on it. It annoys them as most have very little knowledge of it, especially the ones that like to tell me what Atheism is (not). Once I know they are getting irked I ask what they think of 2 Kings 2:24. (well go on then).

That one is classic.

I have used this bible I have to hold up THREE pieces of furniture now (currently standing in for rear left foot of couch). It's sturdy and always just the right size.

I used to keep a bible around as a reference.  Last time I moved a got rid of a lot of stuff, bible included - I can always look stuff up on the net, and often do.

Well, I don't keep a print copy of a Bible, but I keep various websites of various translations of a Bible (and Quran etc.) handy. For me, it is nothing to do with personal value (although I believe there is some value to be found in selectively reading the texts). It is more a matter of gaining insight to the ways of my enemies.

I'd encourage you not to throw it away, but to use it as a tool. "What's the best way to convert a christian to atheism? The Bible."


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